Can I buy iPhone XR new?

Apple will begin as of the day after tomorrow, Friday October 19th in receiving applications for advance reservation of an iPhone XR to be available for sale direct from next Friday 26 October. This phone even made fun of him some, but he is the Dark Horse winner for Apple and the reduction of tensions on the percentage of sales compared to brothers XS some say will belong on 50% share others see them as will amount to 60%. In this article I will tell you’re talking to Apple with this phone and recommend its purchase.

هل أشتري الآي فون XR الجديد؟

An important clarification

In this article we will seek to offer advice in different practical no how would you actually use, not theoretical numbers. How am I supposed to feel. Sometimes the numbers say you’ll find clear evolution in photography, but practically don’t feel it’s the same in performance. It should be noted that we have adopted in the decision on what outlined Apple data as well as our own experience with Apple products because the device is not yet released.

Buy iPhone XR

If the following points apply to you, you will feel the difference clearly when you use the iPhone XR and these points are:

Did not experience OLED: iPhone XR comes with a Liquid Retina and we talked about in an earlier article. Indicated Apple as the best LCD screen I put in any phone, but to clarify, this is not OLED if you are dealing with any iPhone earlier several X you’ll feel a noticeable improvement in the quality of the screen and will not face any problem; but if you have X previously with a problem and you don’t want the acquisition of XS and think in the XR they may notice a difference in screen quality in favor of OLED. Remember that the human does not know the differences only trade, so you will not notice that the LCD is not required but if you try to OLED either if you don’t try you won’t catch anything.

4G network normal state of your: includes iPhone XS partner Advanced Communications allow access to a Network Internet LTE super-fast speeds up to 1024/150Mbps the iPhone XR comes in around former support networks even Speed 600/150Mbps and, of course, theoretically the control significantly, but the majority of the world does not stop the network of the Generation IV extreme and so don’t expect to feel a difference. If you live in a developed country and your phone doesn’t give you full speed and you need more then we do not advise with XR. But the majority of our problem is not in phone support for the high-tech but also in support of the telecommunications company itself and its quality ? .

Export natural: most of us are not professional filming captures the best mode, and zoom and use the feature depth effect –this link– even if it was more in his phone. But often we open the camera and take a picture. If you are of these owns an iPhone previously (not 8 or Plus X of course) they expected to see an improvement in photography. (Note this point talking about regular photography, but the best experience you will find in the paragraph on “do not buy”).

◉ Don’t want to pay +1000$: until this moment I don’t feel I can pay over a thousand dollars for the acquisition of the phone whatsoever. Thousands of these paid for the acquisition of PCs and do not mind that, but buying a phone? Target Apple this large sector, which represents half of the customers who had previously bought the iPhone years ago at a starting price of$ 650 has been compounded by Apple two years ago to become a 700$ often was buying the storage capacity of the second pay 800$. Apple continues to provide the not phone the same price 750-800$ and a storage capacity acceptable 64-128 GB on installation there is the option of 256 GB for 900$. If you want 256 GB in XS would pay 1150$ and Max pay of$ 1250. What do you think about to buy a XR 256 GB by 350$ remaining to buy my iPad 2018 like.

◉ Options color more: if you’re someone who doesn’t love the traditional colors “gray and silvery and golden” for you provide 6 colors with XR they are white, black, blue, yellow, red, red, coral Coral. The XS comes in color traditional old.

Don’t buy iPhone XR

If the following points are important for you, then we do not advise the acquisition of the iPhone XR:

Export first: if you are users of iPhone dual-camera is like 8 Plus, remember that the XR comes with mono only; Yes, I chose Apple as did a lot of efforts in the development of this camera and use the processor to determine the imaging stuff more like with the difference provided by Google in camera pixel camera, but still camera single any you will lose a number of advantages, foremost optical zoom 3x. I don’t mean the above to camera XR bad it’s great, but will not feel any change if you have 8 Plus. If you moved to shoot video, you’ll miss the recording feature audio “stereos”.

512 GB: Apple 512 GB exclusively available in XS while XR is available until 256 GB.

Three-dimensional touch: if you are a fan of touch three-dimensional and rely on it heavily has been canceled in the XR, so remember this before purchase.

Cinema screen: if you are a fan of watching movies with the utmost quality and here is not the movies that are downloaded from websites, but high quality like the HDR support in the film as well as a higher pixel density PPI way will not be XR. Remember that the XR will you experience the best of 8 Plus such as, but not best possible experience.

Performance between XR and XS

I don’t expect there to be a difference between the performance of XR and XS although the latter comes with a memory top is 4 GB versus the 3 GB in the XR, but the screen in the first of lower quality and thus this difference of the memory significantly. So don’t expect that there is a difference performance noticeable speed between XR and XS. For more information see our article about the differences between the two devices in this link

The bottom line

If you want a new phone with bigger screen and performance and battery is better than your phone and don’t want to pay a huge sum way is the XR if you want to get the best absolute understanding of the XR is not the option you elect.

What do you think about the iPhone XR new and intend to buy it? Tell us your personal rating of the device and see fit not?

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