Can I want China to ban phones faith?

هل يمكن ان ترد الصين بحظر هواتف الايفون ؟can I want China to ban phones faith?

Wrote Ayman al-Abdullah : can I want China to ban phones faith?

Follow in the last days of the war business, which I feel by US President Donald Trump between his country and China, which reached its peak to ban Google license the Android updates for Huawei, then similar steps of the huge companies such as Qualcomm, Microsoft and others .

The United States in the past week raise tariffs on Chinese imports US $ 250 million of 10% to 25%, China has responded quickly to impose tariffs on $ 60 billion of American exports.


The logical question now : after the United States put Huawei on the brink of the abyss, literally, what prevents the Chinese government from imposing a ban on the Apple in the country?

Of course, Apple believes China is the first market to market phones faith, that such a ban could cost Apple lost up to $ 17 million, or up to 30% of the net profits of the Apple, the U.S. is expected in the current year .

Doesn’t it look like a retaliatory strike typical of the Chinese response to the Prohibition of Huawei?

Maybe, but there are other reports saying that it might hurt the Chinese economy the same if, because Apple is already paying large sums to contract with manufacturers in the country to assemble a faith, though it was Prohibition days, will Chinese companies this revenue .

In addition to this, if it is blocking your faith in China, you will have Apple to reduce the production of the device, which may lead to the demobilization of a large number of workers and production lines of China, namely the loss of another.

Certainly China will and the crew of Huawei, but how would respond?

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