Can now for your iPhone and iPad sued Apple

Ruled the U.S. Supreme Court in a case relating to whether it will let a group of iPhone users filed a lawsuit on the monopoly against Apple in relation to the exercise by the App Store App Store, where some users that the commission Apple the 30% on the sales of developers surface area borne by the users in the end.

Let the Supreme Court now users filed a lawsuit against Apple that says that users of the store are not their customers, not buyers directly and do not have the right to file a lawsuit in accordance with the principle of legal precedent, where the company says that application developers are their clients, but the court decided that this legal principle does not apply to Apple.

This “early stage” of the case, so there is no ruling on whether Apple was accused of a monopoly. illegal, but can the decision of the court allowing a lawsuit against her that leads to the fallout of more users who want to sue the company due to violations of Monopoly, and pave the way for a big fight between Apple and some angry customers.

By requiring Apple for users of iOS devices to purchase applications through the official App Store, charging a commission of 30% on the app developers, the Apple TV add a mandatory fee transferred by the developers to make sense to the customer, so that the uniqueness of Apple its to raise their commission from the store.

Source: The Supreme Court

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