Can the entire world dwell in one mega-city?

Imagine that humanity has suddenly decided to set aside all ethnic and religious conflicts, settling only one city. Given the fact that today the human population is 7.5 billion people, to place all in one place would be quite a challenge. How many places have occupied such a multinational city, and whether such an ambitious idea to bring to reality?

Maybe one day the humanity settled in one large mega-city

Can mankind to settle in one city?

As you know, each nation has its own history, traditions and morals. The difference of perception of the world between different nationalities can be so large that sooner or later in the multinational environment begins brewing a serious conflict. A striking example can be the events that took place in the beginning of XXI century, for example, during the Abkhazian war or the civil war in Tajikistan, when the difference of interests within communities was the reason for the death of a large number of people. If for a moment imagine that we somehow decided to at least temporarily forget about the differences in mentality in representatives of different races, by placing much of humanity in a densely populated environment, it is possible to conclude that in fact, humanity has very little space for living.

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As you know, denser to settle in a particular locality, the less we will need space for living. So, if you settle all of humanity with the density of one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world — Mauritania, it can be concluded that the placement of 7.5 billion people, we need an area the size of Russia. In order to reduce some of a similar scale, we could try to increase the average density of the population to more comfortable values, amounting to almost 1000 people per 1 square kilometer. With these parameters, “world” city would take Australia.

If desired, all mankind would be placed only on the same continent the size of Australia

However, the rate of 1000 people per 1 square kilometer is not the maximum. So, a large number of Chinese cities are famous for the incredible population density: one of the districts of Hong Kong — Kowloon — officially recognized as the most densely populated territories in the world in the history of mankind. Although officially this area has long ceased to exist because there is a thriving drug trade and prostitution, the statistics suggests that in the Chinese walled city, the average population density exceeded two million people per 1 square kilometer. In such settings, all of humanity could easily be accommodated in Palestine, approximately 6,000 square kilometers.

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