Can the Galaxy S9 measure blood pressure accurately? You trade

Samsung offers through its leading Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + a range of health programs that monitor the activity of your health with the users of those devices through the integration of Sensor Light in the back of the phones that can measure heartbeat and also blood pressure measurement.

Operate those sensors and optical read on those health information through the pulse of the fingers and measurement of blood pressure and heart rate through your fingers only, without the need for traditional measurement or the presence of a specialist.

قياس ضغط الدم بواسطة جالاكسي S9

Blood pressure measurement by Galaxy S9

But, you can measure blood pressure through Samsung devices and is a effective way you can dispense with the traditional methods used to measure blood pressure or to devices medical second opinion?

The fact has been conducting many of the laboratory experiments to see the efficiency of the innovative new technology for traditional methods. Including this experience that we use with you today that have been made to the Galaxy S9 and a device for measuring blood pressure of a traditional “cuff”.

Record phone Galaxy S9 difference in the blood pressure reading by the amount ranges between +/- 5 points compared with the measurement of the pressure of the traditional, bearing in mind that the person is not in a state to sit and change the subject.

The following table shows some of the readings of blood pressure using Measurement Devices-conventional and Samsung Galaxy S9, and for him to note the difference that was mentioned by the various readings of the.Also note the increasing disparity measurements between the Galaxy S9 and devices normal after doing as soon as you physical exertion.

Person 1Person 2
Cuff (1st time – baseline)125/7897/67
Galaxy S9124/76100/68
Cuff (in 5min.)118/7998/63
Galaxy S9 (in 5min.)123/7599/67
Cuff (in 10 min.)119/79102/63
Galaxy S9 (in 10min.)124/7598/67


Certainly the attention of Samsung’s public health and medical applications is great, but it still needs further development, so you don’t have to rely entirely on Read phone because the technology is still under test and call the leading company revolutionizing technology in the field of technologies and applications to health soon, and impress the results more realistic.

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