Can use Android phones as Keys security to blindly sign in on the iOS system


In the month of April of this year the company allowed Google for Android devices that are running Android Nougat or higher version of the work as keys physical security to gain access to Google services such as Gmail. The company is now working on expanding this feature to the iOS system. This means that you can now use your Android device as a key to safe effective in two stages during logins on iOS devices.

When was the launch of the water for the first time earlier this year, only work with devices with Windows 10 and MacOS, and Chrome OS. However, the brewing process is a bit on the iOS system compared to these systems. No Google Chrome uses to communicate with the device, so Android will be used instead the Smart Lock from Google to do this.

Once you set everything up and the user logs into your Google + account by using your iOS device, the application then binds to the Android device using Bluetooth. Users can then check the log and this depends again on your iOS device then follow the login.

Requires that you activate the Bluetooth on both devices while logged in. Confirmed Google Inc. that will be the version of this feature on a large scale as of today it is available for all versions of Google G Suite. If the control activation. a two-stage ( Two Factor Authentication ) to buy or have the activation Security Key Enforcement, it will become the Android phone available as an option for the security keys by default.


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