Can virus to choose an iPhone? Here’s the whole truth

Brags a lot of users of Apple devices that their devices are not like Android Windows which is arranged a hunting ground for viruses of each type so that one of the early applications that we install on Windows OS is a protection software and can in no way imagine Windows without the protection, despite the presence of a firewall. The Android we then keep our Guard strong and Google is deleting thousands of apps from the App Store to contain malicious software. But in the case of Apple systems, especially iOS and find it protected against these threats. Is this true? And why is she immune to the virus?

هل يمكن للفيروسات أن تخترق الآي-فون؟ إليك الحقيقة كاملة

It is known to everybody, and that viruses are malicious programs, and these programs, and the names of several, including:

Malware or malicious software, is a virus that usually affects computers by installing the software amalgamation that malware, and then spread this program in the system by repeating the same. Then transmitted from one device to another. These programs are widespread in past years and we don’t all. But there is more common today such as:

Adware, is software bomb ads. They are very common these days especially on sites that are not reliable.

Spyware, a spy software and this software to monitor your data and send it to advertising companies. The classification of these programs as a programs specialist IT security and often no one knows that he got it because they won’t tell you that they steal your data..

Ransomware, the malicious software restricts your access to the operating system, and encrypts all the files on the hard drive and then prompts you to pay a sum of money for the decryption from your device and restore your files.

So, is there such a software on iOS or even other viruses? And what does Apple system to maintain your safety and security from these malicious software? The answer is no to any of this software or other types of viruses on the operating system iOS at all. The reason for this is due to the following:

Check in the App Store

Apple deals with apps on the store by the principle of “the orchard surveys” as a method of trying to secure the entire user. There is no way to install iOS apps only through the AppStore. Unlike Android, you can download apps from outside the fence of the orchard.

And Apple is reviewing the app manually by its developers. So if you discover any code or malicious code, it will reject the application. All in-store programs now perfectly safe and if happened to the fault of reviewers and publication of the improper application of the soon to be deleted.

The Sandboxing

This registration its meaning, in Short, not to exceed any application to its limits. It allows any application that accesses data from other apps. In addition, applications are run within the limited space on the operating system iOS can not be exceeded, does not allow access to the root system” “administrator, which allows root access in the Android system, so no application can change or amend something in the settings of the system and cause damage. You can find out more details about this topic through this link

Periodic updates

We spoke in this point repeatedly, and I said that Apple issued updates consecutive to plug and secure security patches. Often need the latest version of the highest percentage didn’t enjoy it features on the head to increase the layers of security.

There is no doubt that desperately wants to break through the iOS system. There are examples of some of those programs in the past years. But soon solved those problems by Apple.

◉ In early 2017, the site published WikiLeaks information that the CIA of America use the methods and software to break into iOS devices, but Apple quickly blocking and correct those gaps.

◉ In September 2015, Apple has revealed that hundreds of Chinese app industry they contain malicious code and that they relied on a modified version of the development environment Xcode known as the XcodeGhost. And delete these applications from the software store completely.

◉ Before iOS 10.3, Safari is not immune to pop-ups, and as a result has some harmful websites Put a message on your browser stating that the browser is closed and you have times problem a person who demands you pay to unlock it. And to overcome this problem in a timely manner by clearing the Cache of the browser to come back to work again, then the Apple TV corrects these gaps in the following updates.

◉ Was Xsser mRAT one of the horses harmful that infect the devices are missing and expose what we have of data and information, and correct that problem also.

Maybe it happens for you some of the problems you think at first glance it is a virus or malware, but viruses and malware are innocent of those problems. As slow down the performance, or the collapse of some of the apps that didn’t correspond with the new updates, and other problems.

Clear from the foregoing that the system of iOS fortified well against the virus, therefore there was no need to install protection applications that has the ends prepared. In general, Apple has prevented this type of application of the tension in her store.

Week and break the protection

Of course all of the above is for devices natural as that by the Gilbert you are treated like Windows or Android where you can download any application from anywhere as well as some applications access the files of the system itself and thus exposing your phone at risk. So we always advise to avoid or take caution. Not that the iOS enjoy the protection of solid, difficult to penetrate, although there were some weaknesses, they could quickly tell Apple to correct them. Rest assured fa-Funk safe.

Have you looked by for apps protect antivirus in the Apple Store? And do you feel safe right with iOS? Share your opinion



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