Can we open up the genetic code?

Did you know that all living organisms on our planet have a common ancestor? This statement became a reality after studying the genetic code of living on the land of the living organisms. Thanks to advances in the field of the study of the genetic code, the man was able to invent this incredible technology, like cloning, increased productivity in agriculture and gave rise to the development of microbiological industry. However, if we can reveal the genetic code and what does that mean?

The genetic code can tell a lot about living organisms

What is genetic code?

In order to understand what the genetic code, let’s try to imagine some foreign language, grammar and vocabulary which we do not understand until, while purposefully not proceed for its study. However, if in the real world, language is a means of communication of people, the genetic code is a language of the written guide to the use of your body. Manual transmission, so to speak.

Each letter in this tutorial represents a particular nucleotide group of organic compounds. The words that make up the nucleotides, called codons, and the device, which is able to translate words and turn them into something coherent and comprehensible, is called a ribosome. All together, it turns into a protein molecule, each of which contains 20 different words-amino acids. The presence of the 20 magic words, each of which consists of three letters, is a key characteristic of all life forms on our planet.

It is from such structures in different shapes and colors is the genetic code of any creature on the planet

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How to unlock genetic code?

As you might have already guessed from the above, the genetic code of all living creatures on the planet already solved. Moreover, a detailed study of the genome of a person currently can make anyone into whose pocket has the extra $ 100. Such a study can help to identify risks of hereditary diseases, to know your ethnic background and find distant relatives. The most well known companies that offer to do laboratory analysis of your biological material are considered as National Geographic, My Heritage and Ancestry DNA. Rates on research your personal genome can vary depending on the test you have chosen and the country, which will enable you to pass this genetic experiment.

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So, a number of Russian companies offering tests at prices that begin from 1200 roubles. With their help, you can learn about the level recommended for you personally physical activity, to choose the optimal diet and even find out how many cups of coffee a day you can drink without harm for health. If you need to learn something bigger, then you may be offered tests for determining the probability of occurrence of certain diseases, as well as your ethnicity. As mentioned earlier, the passage of these tests vary greatly in price, depending on your place of birth. So, if the US prices start from $ 100, most companies in the Russian Federation suggest to pass the same test with prices in the range of 20-30 thousand rubles.

The test, aimed at the study of your genome, you may find your relatives from the most remote corners of the planet

What animals have an unusual genetic code?

As mentioned above, the genetic code of all living creatures on the planet exactly the same with the human genetic code.
However, every rule has exceptions. So, some protozoa, among which is and all known at school a Paramecium act as a kind of genetic violators of all rules and regulations. The mitochondrial genetic code of simple differs from the standard number contained codons. What caused such a phenomenon while it is not known however it is believed that such changes in the structure of protein molecules could be caused by the incident in her mutations.

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