Can you get rich if you mine cryptocurrency on a home computer? The seven-day experiment

Last week we learned that mining again brings good money. For example, even in trevisanato 1060 GTX from Nvidia, you can earn about a dollar a day. Against the backdrop of good news, we decided to check the profitability of mining in practice. For the experiment, took three computers with different video cards, chose three cryptocurrencies and mainily them exactly one week. Share results.

A small entry. Mining cryptocurrency — not rocket science for a student. To start mining coins don’t need a degree and something like that. Quite a bit of time, and at least one graphics card.

See how easy it is to start to mine crypto-currency. The video is less than three minutes.

By the way, the popularity of mining in the world is really growing. On Saturday the power of a network of Bitcoin reached a new historic maximum. This means that it is safer and more reliable than ever.

And now on to the experiment, which started the first of July. Under it we have identified three separate computer with different GPUs — the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB, GTX 1070 GTX and 1080ti. Each of them chose one cryptocurrency and mainily them for a week. Then calculated the income, deduct the cost of electricity and compared the profit from predicted performance.

With this test we want to show that is not mine on a home computer at the current rates of cryptocurrencies is a luxury. It is better to take the video card mining and earn money when you are not playing.

How’s the GTX 1060 3 GB

Let’s start with the most affordable model 1060 GeForce GTX from Nvidia. In our version of the video card 3 GB of memory, which is not enough for mining today of some popular coins. For example, the GTX 1060 3 GB will not be able to dig Aeternity, Grin and Zcoin.

The most profitable bitcoin mining of the available pick 2CryptoCalc. The principle operate yield calculator simple. Specify Hasrat — that is, the performance of the graphics card for each algorithm, click calculate and receive an income. By the way, soon 2CryptoCalc will know heraty different models of graphics cards by heart, so will only need to specify the number of GPU and algorithm of production.

That’s what was recommended calculator for the GTX 1060 3 GB.

We trust 2CryptoCalc and chose Bitcoin Gold. From fixed rate coins: the day of the experiment, it was 26.3 to the dollar.

This was the most pleasant moment — the forecast of possible income. Just note that the calculator hashing is not able to look into the future and predicts the yield results at the time of calculation. So if the numbers don’t agree nothing criminal in this.

2CryptoCalc 4.31 shows the dollar income for the week of Bitcoin mining Gold. On this screenshot to remember the other measure of complexity of mining. It shows how hard the video card to solve the problem of the network, to find block and get reward. The higher the complexity, the lower the income of the card. The day of the start of the experiment the difficulty of the Bitcoin network Gold amounted to 196.54 K.

The next step is to connect the computer to the pool 2Miners and mining with a duration of one week. 2Miners remembers the results of each participant and shows them in the public domain. The link to see the details of our GTX 1060 3 GB.

Card earned 0.13551 BTG. By the way, on the last day of the experiment, the Bitcoin exchange rate Gold was $ 26.66 USD per coin, so income was $ 3.61 USD. This is significantly less 0.1635 BTG, which promised a calculator before the test. Why?

It’s all in the complexity of the network. On the first day of the experiment, it was 196,54 To and the last 245,09 K. This means that the network has connected the miners of other coins, and because of the growth of the power pie of the profits had to be divided between a large number of people. That’s why our income has decreased.

Where income, there should be and expenses. In the case of mining on the gaming computer money will actively have a graphics card. Our computer with a GTX 1060 3 GB spends 160 watts per hour or 26.88 kW for the week of the experiment. At an average rate of 4 rubles per kW, we will need to pay 107.52 rubles for electricity, which is 1.69 dollars.

Total: 1.92 have a dollar in net profit during the week of the Bitcoin mining Gold (3.61-1.69). They are translated to 7.68 dollars per week or 92 per dollar per year. This money is almost enough for a BA card of the same model, so in fact the card fulfills your purchase. By the way, miners with experience know how to reduce consumption through fine tuning. In the end, the savings is 20-30 percent.

The profitability of mining on a GTX 1070

With other video cards performed the same procedure. For GTX 1070 2CryptoCalc suggested mine Aeternity — the day the cryptocurrency has brought $ 1.5 and were in first place in terms of profitability.

Rate the day of the experiment was 0.4701 dollar for one coin Aeternity.

Then we went to record the projected income. During the week the calculator promised 21.2571 AE or 10 dollars of return.

Finally started mine on 2Miners throughout the week. Summary of the computer with the GTX 1070 is on this page.

For seven days the graphics card is earned 16.74683 AE or 7.68 USD. This is 22 percent below the forecasted profit, and the reason is also the difficulty of mining. The figure increased from 906.9 K To 1.49 M, that is, jumped 1.65 times. In addition, slipped the date — with 0.4701 to 0.4590 dollar. It is not surprising that the yield is different from expected.

Deal with electricity. System unit with a GTX 1070 consumes 270 watts per hour, that is, 45.36 kW per week of experiment. For the light will have to pay 181.44 2.86 ruble or the dollar.

Total: have of 4.82 dollar net profit for a week of mining Aeternity (7.68-2.86). So GTX 1070 231 earns a dollar a year. But if rate will increase, or difficulty will drop even more.

How’s the GTX 1080 ti

With Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 ti the fun of it. The former flagship of the 11 GB of memory, so mine it all possible. ROI calculator recommended digging Grin on the algorithm Cuckatoo-31. For the latter have at least 11 GB, so the GTX 3 GB 1060 and 1070 here mine could not.

Course Grin at the beginning of the experiment 4.82 USD.

After fixing the exchange rate, we also recorded the predicted profit. 2CryptoCalc recommended to rely on 3.4136 Grin or a little more than $ 15 per week. This screenshot also remember the complexity of hashing at the beginning of the experiment it was equal to 2.92 G.

A week on the pool 2Miners video card 1080ti brought 2.47248 Grin or 10.4 of the dollar. It is almost 1 coin less than predicted by the calculator. What is this subsidence?

First, a cruel joke played again the complexity of mining: it has increased from 2.92 G to 3.88 G. second, has fallen markedly course the Grin. On the last day of the experiment the coin gave 4.21 dollars, that is 12 percent less.

GTX 1080 ti spends more than anyone else — as much as 300 watts per hour, or 50.4 kW in the week of the experiment. The latter will cost us 201.6 of the ruble costs or 3.17 dollars.

Total: 7.23 have dollar net profit for a week hashing Grin (10.40-3.17). They turn into profit at 347 dollars per year, which is enough to buy the most expensive version of the AirPods. And still have 5 thousand rubles.

Whether mine in 2019?

Week of mining on the graphics card will not allow you to purchase a Lamborghini with the boat, but some money will bring. At least get to save money on a new card and double your income. And there to a full-fledged farm-to eight GPU near.

The cryptocurrency market is growing steadily, and this must be used. For example, on the first of January for one coin Ethereum offered 134 dollars, and today the rate is $ 274. So even a simple cryptocurrency at the right time would get double profit and earn good money.

In General — Yes, mine at the current rates definitely useful and profitable. Learn more about mining and crypto will help resource 2Биткоина, and for advice on setting up and overclocking of graphics cards go to this Telegram chat.

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