Can you make money by playing video games?

Modern computer games are made specifically to give players pleasure, provide them with another world where they can escape from routine reality and even make money. For example, prize money in LoL or Fortnite tournaments can go up to several million dollars! But this applies only to a few. The majority are often forced to play for quite a long time in order to get the right amount of resources to achieve their goal. And games are designed in such a way that resources are scarce all the time: game gold, rare items, and so on. I remember playing World of Warcraft and the drop rate for one of the items was only 0.01% !

Not everyone succeeds in obtaining the necessary resources or reaching the maximum level

Therefore, special platforms have appeared on the Web that allow such players to facilitate the gameplay. This is how it works. Instead of mining gold or items, players from games like World of Warcraft, CS: GO, Rocket League, RuneScape 3, Borderlands 3, and a host of others can simply visit sites like to find what they want. And buy with real money. Everything works almost like a currency exchange in the real world: dollars are exchanged for gold, resources or items.

Who is selling all this? Others are the same players who post their proposals. They have already achieved a lot in the game and can now share their resources with others. You yourself can become such a player. There have been cases when one rare item in the same WoW dropped out to one player on the second or third attempt, and the other could not get it for a year or even more. Game algorithms work in such a way that while some are lucky, others are not doing well. This is how the balance is maintained.

In this case, the site acts as something like an exchange, only instead of precious metals, stocks and other values there is in-game currency, game items and other lots, including even ready-made accounts . The service takes its commission 5% from each operation.

Players offer currency, resources and even accounts

Remember that episode of "South Park", where the main characters fought with the best player in World of Warcraft and in the process became unclear who? To prevent this from happening in the real world, sites like were created. This site in particular is a team of experienced players who started trading in-game items a long time ago and then decided to join forces.

It is unlikely that someone wants to bring themselves to such a state.

Using such sites is as easy as going to any online store. Pick your game and then browse the current offers, much like on eBay or Amazon. Useful information including unit price, seller rating, exchange rate and previous transaction count is always at your disposal.

Prices range from a couple of dollars to several thousand, depending on how rare the item is. For example, high-value items can easily cost thousands of dollars. Gold is more affordable in this regard – in the same WoW, the main thing is to choose your server so that another player can send you game currency.

It looks like buying gold in World of Warcraft

It's no secret that modern games can be incredibly complex and time-consuming. Such services allow you to make your life easier and go straight to the most interesting part. You can then sell your resources to the next player yourself to make a profit. Of course, many people like the process of extracting resources in the game and recruiting new levels, but sometimes even dedicated players give up after many attempts to get what they need.

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