Can you survive eating only beef?

Diet, which is based on the constant use of meat, currently only gaining its momentum. One of its varieties is a very original way of eating, which allows you to include meat in their diet to just one type — the beef. People who promote such an unusual way of maintaining the body’s energy, most often are Internet bloggers who argue his opinion based on the rumors about the miraculous health and weight loss — and, of course, good earning on this idea. So can we really raise the tone of the body with a diet based on beef? Let’s try to understand together.

Meat diet: benefits and harms?

The meat diet?

Despite the fact that the meat diet is already being promoted in the social.networks in the real world, however, the diet of beef far can not boast of the nutrients that are often attributed to meat due to high content of protein. Joanna Distefano, a biochemist and head of Department of diabetes and fibrotic diseases at the research Institute translational genomics in Phoenix, believes that a diet of beef can lead to exhaustion in the body with the necessary nutrients required to maintain normal functioning of the human body.

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Frequent consumption of beef can cause an increase in the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood

As the portal, compliance with a plant-based diet entails the improvement of glucose homeostasis, which is often associated with more stable blood sugar levels and healthy blood pressure. Meat diet, on the contrary, due to the high content in beef and animal fats, is almost the only source of harmful cholesterol for most people. Reducing your meat consumption can lead to dolgovremennoi recovery blood.

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In addition, some scientists also believe that increased consumption of beef and the occurrence of certain types of cancer, there is a strong connection. Due to the fact that the beef very little fiber, lack of it provokes increased risk of oncological diseases, and diabetes. The use of the same by eating large amounts of legumes, cereals and plants can reduce harmful effects of meat diets on the human body, providing access to a receiving body of a number of vitally important vitamins. However, even eating only vegetarian food, you will hardly be able to compensate for all the necessary body substances. Due to the fact that the Earth does not exist any universal product that can somehow satisfy all the needs of living creatures in useful minerals, the human diet must include a variety of dishes and not only beef.

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