Canadian astronaut: first on Mars will become Martians

Astronauts who travel through space on a long trip to Mars will not have regular support from the mission control center on Earth and will have to think of themselves as Martians to survive, half-jokingly said a famous canadian astronaut. On current forecasts, people will get to Mars — which is 400 million miles from Earth in the coming decades.

But the huge distance means that communication with the mission control center will be delayed for 22 minutes. So astronauts will have to rely on yourself in this journey, which will take 2.5 years.

The first Martians

“If I were the commander of the crew, as soon as the Land disappeared in the rearview mirror, I gathered the team and said, “We are no longer earthlings we are now the Martians. That’s who we are. We need to reconsider our relationship with the planet that gave birth to us,” said Chris Hadfield, a former astronaut. “It will be very difficult without mother Earth at hand and it is very important to explain to the team what they are — the most far-climbed the researchers in the history of man.”

Robert Thirsk, which owns the canadian record for the longest stay in space, says a new canadian space Agency recruited Joshua Koutrika and Jenny saidy-Gibbons “to be sent into deep space return to the moon, to an asteroid… and twenty years later, and on the surface of Mars.”

In the short term, “the idea of living on the moon becomes very, very real,” says Kutryk. Canadian astronaut took his final tests of the ship “Orion” in the desert southwest in the United States, designed to “get people back on the moon in the next few years.” But how this plan can implement to NASA, remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Dmitry Rogozin (Russian space Agency) said that Russia will not participate in the creation of a lunar base Gateway.

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