Canadians are less people using the internet mobile.. so what’s the secret?

Canadian companies such as Roger وBells prices Internet mobile GIGABYTE when you compare the different companies around the world. According to a new report, those high prices per GB pay Canadians to clearly underestimated the use of mobile Internet much compared to other peoples.

The report, which comes from Tefficient that Canadians consume on average 1.3 GB of Internet mobile monthly, where it comes behind only the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece and Portugal among the countries analyzed consumption of your phone Internet by.

Web report the average of what Canadians can get 1 GB worth 20 euros, so it’s not easy for them taking into account all of them use the internet on his phone accurately to avoid loss of his money. This yield -20 euros – the exchange of gigabytes a very high number, so that the largest 35 time of the return of gigabytes for companies in India.

Because of the low price for mobile Internet India is the state on the measure of Canada is experiencing increased pumping to address the consumption of mobile Internet. In Canada the rate of increase between 2016 and 2017 is 6% only because of high prices. And next Internet deals that don’t belong in India, has attributed the appreciation rate of the increased use of mobile Internet companies for the same services in the quest for.

I’m for the United States of America they are closer to Canada where the price of 20 euros, but with better for to limit when you use Internet packages. Did not succeed the number of offerings in 2017 of being able to make Internet users in Canada more than of their use, the disease gas limited that have been provided are not unlimited in fact, where there are restrictions on use, such as the quality of videos that are not related to a particular quality.

Do you use the internet on the laptop? And what is the price of 1 GB in the country? We participated in the comments.

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