Canales know, miss Shao in the Indian market and the Samsung implementation of that

Yesterday announced canales research company specialized to study the conditions of the market data from the new to the Indian market indicate the superiority of the company Shao in the size of the market share on Samsung in the fourth quarter of 2017.

According to a report by Canalys, the Chinese company shipped 8.2 million smartphones in the last quarter of the Indian market at the Samsung shipping 7.3 million phones this means access share chaouachi to 27% in stopped Samsung’s share at 25% .

The Korean company responded today made a formal statement it’s not on the mag in stats canales Last reported that Samsung in its statement that the company is still the seller No. 1 phones in the Indian market, according to data company GfK, which show the number of numbers of devices sold to customers are actually not present in warehouses .

He added that the market share of Samsung in India take 40% and more importantly, is keeping the confidence of the Indian consumer in the Brand of the company .


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