Canon and Sony: which is the best in the production of cameras?

Longer canon more brands selling in the market for cameras with interchangeable lenses since more than a decade. Now choose the market much, as there has been homes are going up. Two years ago, thanks to the power of the cameras, the mirrors of the series (Alpha) Alpha, has become Sony’s second best selling brand for cameras with full frame. In the year 2019, acquired the Sony on third place in all categories of cameras than its rival the Nikon. With the continued Sony in building their capacity, are still canon superior? Any two companies make cameras better?

The comparison is between Canon and Sony’s somewhat similar to trying to compare Apple and Android system, since the answer depends on the liquid and its needs. If you’re a photographer wants (a certain organization) Viewfinder scanned; the DSLR cameras are looking for you’ll find when you canon. But if you are looking for the latest video features, or better performance in cameras, the mirrors, they stand out Sony.

Although the canon entered in the category of cameras with the mirrors last year with the camera EOS R, dependent on its position in the market, however, Sony is still superior in this area. In the end, the small details, such as: what will change and how, is the one that will end the conflict between these two brands.

Here’s what should be taken into account in comparing the canon and Sony before buying the new camera:

The history record.

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Company was established January in 1933, and was focused in its early days on the optics, but it soon became known to the development of cameras. During the long years in the market of the camera, was a Japanese company the first in providing a number of advantages, such as: adding video to still cameras, and in 1987 developed a technique EOS; which allows the camera to and share data via a link electric.

And now the development of the Canon cameras, consumer and professional, including cameras the mirrorless, cameras DSLR, they also produce electronics and other targeted offices, health sectors, industry, in addition to printers.

The Sony was founded after Offset December by about 13 years, but it entered in the market of the camera of late, so in the Eighties of the last century. Unlike the canon, the Sony is what produced the cameras and film, it started with digital cameras.

Although she started late, but Sony has managed within a few years of catching up to do quickly, thanks to the focus on innovation in the field of the cameras the mirrorless. Unlike the canon, the Sony produces many consumer electronics, including: platform gaming, smart phones, headsets, TVs, robots, as well as consumer cameras and cinematic.

The current string of cameras.

If you are looking for DSLR cameras different, the canon is the brand you are looking for, they have 21 different range of this category of cameras. Start from low level with chain Rebel, which includes: EOS Rebel T7i, and Rebel SL3. Then come in the top-level cameras: EOS 77D, and EOS 80D; which accounts are used to APS-C the same existing series cameras Rebel, but they provide more control capabilities and customization. The cameras with full frame advanced, they include: EOS-1D X Mark II, and EOS-5D Mark IV.

Divided cameras Canon lens the mirrors to the two series, they are: EOS M; for beginners, the series EOS R with full frame. Garden fired her camera, the new EOS RP, which is the model of a low level which is the cheapest price among all cameras with full frame.

Those on the lookout for cameras smaller, the A series PowerShot occasion, there is also the G series, such as: PowerShot G1 X Mark III, which used larger accounts to increase the quality of the image, while the models SX and ELPH at a cheaper price.

As for Sony, they do not have DSLR cameras, but cameras SLT, which resemble the first, but used translucent mirror, and a certain organization electronically. It is this category, there are three models: A99 II and A77 II, and A68.

With regard to camera Sony the mirrors, there is a series A7, and A9, which used sensors with the full frame. The A7 series to the base model, while the target Series A9 professional. The famous Sony series My RX100, and RX10 cameras small size.

The quality of the image.

The Canon cameras being able to capture the image colors more realistic compared camera Sony. In respect to the quality of the sound words, the tests index DxOMark reveals that the accounts of Sony is able to capture the area (dynamic) DR the best of the accounts of the canon.


Used cameras Canon technique called (Auto-Focus Duo of pixels) Dual Pixel Autofocus or DPAF in the cameras the mirrorless, cameras DSLR, and the advantage of this technique is that it provides auto focus fast and accurate too. The Sony used technology (auto focusing phase) the Phase-Detection Autofocus or PDAF in the cameras, the mirrors, which are not up to the level of performance of the technique DPAF.

However, the Sony cameras excel in speed, the cameras A9 is capable of capturing 20 fps, while Canon camera sports EOS 1D X Mark II around 14 fps.


The location of the Export button, the menu, ergonomics are very important in any camera, the Canon cameras gives you a better sense of when to carry. The lists of Sony cameras it is more complicated, due to the options provided, especially the video settings.


I don’t have Sony a lot of interchangeable lenses, however, they provide most of the lenses that is looking for stylists. The cannon were too much for DSLR cameras, and little cameras the mirrors. This, it can be used lens DSLR cameras your choice of cameras Sony the mirrors.


As is the case with many companies growing big, the Sony and sell the whole their prices are close, exchanging cameras EOS R Canon price starts from 300 USD, which is higher than the price of cameras A7 III from Sony, while exchanging cameras the mirrorless from canon, such as: EOS M50 at a price of 200 USD, which is Cheaper Than cameras A6400 from Sony.


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