Canon launches her camera mirrorless full frame EOS RP starting price of 1,299$

كانون تطلق كاميرتها عديمة المرآة وكاملة الإطار EOS RP بسعر يبدأ من 1,299$

Announced the canon company of Japan and one of the pioneers of the cable industry globally, for her camera EOS RP which comes with the technology of the lack of mirror and rely on digital technologies beside its ability to export frame full, to this camera the fabric is light less possibilities of the EOS R which was launched last year.

Enjoying the camera sensor image accurately 26.2 mega pixels and this resolution is less than the previous one that came with 30.3 mega pixels, but it does not rule on the capabilities of the camera full Definitely, especially since the new camera comes at a lower price by about 1,000$.

And, of course, can camera EOS RP video recording with precision and clarity of 4K with 30 or 60 frames per second with 8-bit, as is clearly enjoying the photoconductor in the imaging up 2.36 million dot electronic, the camera adds autofocus, dual with eye recognition technology, but not when recording 4K video. It also includes a small screen mobile $ 0.39-inch type LCD.

These represent the camera properties useful photography enthusiasts and photography tied camera 6D in its potential, but it’s definitely less professional than its predecessor especially since the EOS R is more suited for movies than the new version.

And speaking of price, the camera comes renewed at the price of 1,299$, the price rises to 1,699$ when you add the lens and external lighting with 24-105 mm girl shutter f/3.5, up to the price of 2,199$ when you add the lens 24-105 mm girl shutter f/4.

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