Canon Middle East launch a series of innovative initiatives to contain the World Day of Arabic language and 2017

  • The official sponsor of the fifth edition of the initiative (in Arabic), launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Dubai, 11 January 2018: a celebration of the World Day of the Arabic language to 2017, adopted by the United Nations, a divorced “Canon Middle East”, a leader in Imaging Solutions, a series of events and activities to support the Arabic language and keep it at the level of the region. In this framework, the iPad company to take care of the fifth edition of the initiative (in Arabic), launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, with the aim of restoring the leading position of the Arabic language as a global language, in addition to the launch of the campaign at the level of the region through social networking, to consolidate the place of the ancient Arabic language in the digital age we now.

It is considered the world Arabic Language Day is an international competition endorsed by the United Nations since 1973 to end on December 18 of each year, aims to celebrate the diversity of linguistic and cultural diversity of the Arabic language, and in the framework of the United Nations to achieve fair use of the six official languages of the treaty. In turn, meshes directly “work” with these appropriate in terms of objectives and content, it aims to promote the participation of all spectrums of society in the United Arab Emirates and the world in the context of interactive bridges between the differences in culture provides a broader understanding of the Arabic language in addition to promoting its history, heritage and its cultural heritage among native speakers.

In this context, said mi Yusuf, Director of corporate communication and marketing services in the Middle East and North Africa in the company “Canon Middle East”: “Arabic is a rich language and Moog in the foot. For that reason, we all should contribute to preserve it for future generations. Based on the vision of our great leaders, the initiative of the ’work‘ aimed at strengthening the role and status of Arabic language in the community, and future generations the pride and care about their legacy and their culture. We are in the ’Canon‘ we will continue our partnership with the government to support this noble cause, which constitute a true reflection of the philosophy of ’cause‘ which means living and working together for the public interest”.

During the year, attracted the “Canon Middle East” broad consultations of different members of the community on social networks by giving them the time to express the depth of their appreciation and their pride in their Arab and enabling them to share articles and Arabian, which they prefer. This was followed by that atmosphere of rich interactive knowledge to choose the winner of the design elements of his plan to cart all that has been shared on social media channels with “Canon”. Moreover, the company called the “Canon” members of the community to share videos in which they articulate their commitment to using the Arabic language in written communication and digital to support this language-rich continue to flourish and publish its noble mission in our day.

Also added water Joseph: “train companies ’December‘ the importance of the Arabic language and its heritage among the peoples of the region, and thus to communicate effectively with its partners and customers in Arabic and provide products and solutions backed by one cart. Has embodied the company’s attention that under its auspices the initiative of ’the last airbender‘ and launch a campaign aimed at strengthening the status of Arabic language on social networks”.

He continued: “we also aim to support the creation of Arabic digital content, which is still limited unfortunately, despite the growing demand. According to several reports, constitutes the digital Arabic content a rate of 2 to 3 percent of the global content, and this Of course is not commensurate with the large number of speakers of Arabic. There is no doubt that products and solutions photography provided by ’Canon‘ are some of the tools that we offer to encourage young people in the region to develop Arabic content their expanding Digital Resources of the Arab. With the mounting expectations of the digital in our world today, will continue the ’Canon‘ support for the growth of this language of ancient becoming a pivotal player helps in intelligent vision adopted by several governments in the region.”

It should be noted that generation of young people in the region enjoy a day at the rate of extensive knowledge in the field of digital technologies and your enthusiasm strong for her, where the area includes one of the highest rates of the spread of the internet and mobile phones in the world. Comes the yearning of these young people access to technologies andinformation in Arabic to support the upgrading efforts of innovation in Arabic digital content, particularly that the benefits of the promising prospects of the vastness of Arabic content will not only empower Arabic-speaking of access to information and knowledge, it will prove also for advancing development and economic prosperity in the long term.

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