Canon offer the model EOS-1D X Mark III the new cameras

Announced the Canon model with dramatically EOS-1D X Mark III, which is expected to create world-class, known as the EOS-1D X Mark II.

This new model is perfect to portray the subjects of Motion Pictures in the fields of sports and wildlife, as the main advantage of a DSLR in a camera is developed using the feedback obtained by users and designers from around the world and models EOS-1D X and EOS-1D X Mark II, including tests, direct intensive that was done with professional photographers globally.

Drawing on the history of Canon Corporation in providing visual products premium quality, the model EOS-1D X Mark III represents a characteristic development in the area of auto focus with the provision of tangible improvements to improve the quality of the photography, video recording, apps contact.

With the use of the camera of the new model, will own the professional designers confidence that they will get the shot required to quickly competitive more than ever before, and ideally to keep this sector, which is undergoing changes in a very rapid manner.

In light of the continuing models DSLR control on the photography to the professionals, the canon put features speed, auto focus, and high-performance applications in the introduction to the aspects that are the focus of the middle of the EOS-1D X Mark III, which makes him ideal for professionals in the fields of photography sports and wildlife especially with the increasing pressure to capture images and provide excellent optical quality of the Moving Image by a fraction of a second.

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And hauled the model EOS-1D X Mark III on the loyalty and admiration of the audience quickly, providing exceptional accuracy, reliability, and performance of high-af and tracking subjects of the photo, which gives designers greater choice in relation to choosing the ideal picture.

As to the new algorithm for automatic focus improvement of the balance relay, thanks to the property determined the house and the neighborhood, coupled with the use of cutting-edge technologies in order to ascertain the precise focus and tracking for the senses new automatic, which offers roughly more than 28 times of the precision in the center of the sensitive compared with the delicate newborn in the model EOS-1D X Mark II, the current favorite for professional photographers.

It offers a new model the advantages of AF enhanced for brightness with greater accuracy, and you can style the EOS-1D X Mark III Free variety of auto focusing capabilities, which allows photographers to capture the image desired.

Users can put in the scene of the neighborhood use areas of technology 525 AF system with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which covers the approximate rate of 90 percent of the image sensor.

Using the algorithm of assessment of AF, as is the case when filming using the viewfinder the optical, it is possible to ensure enhanced flexibility when framing the topics of photography, whether photography theme race car on the track, or a bird during flight.

As to the model EOS-1D X Mark III supports significantly faster rates of framework design with integrated features of the categories AF and AE, using either the technique of finding on the visual or technical landscape of the neighborhood, in addition, the memory card slots of the model (CFexpress) allow faster data by the technique of RAW.

A clear example of the commitment of canon to discover new horizons of creativity in the field of photography and access to an ideal of quality through modern techniques used, the model EOS-1D X Mark III supports a new generation full of accounts of the CMOS processor DIGIC offer greater quality images, and with the highest quality to provide the ISO that provides the ability to capture images fixed 10bit using the files of the style HEIF.

As to the accuracy of the imaging of the model 4K that allows users to submit stories alive with the ability to export quality suitable for the film to Movies 4K quality, including the quality of 4K60p with the export feature self-10bit, which allows the reduction of processing required for professionals working on any photography project was.

As to the model EOS-1D X Mark III possesses also the ability to export the status of the RAW video clips and still images, and for pro, the ability to complete and share content is the importance of taking pictures, so, the model EOS-1D X Mark III makes this task easy, since it is characterized by the presence of a wireless network built and Bluetooth Low Energy in addition to the GPS system.

To keep abreast of all deadlines to deliver content, it can transfer data at twice the speed of the model EOS-1D X Mark II when using the network built-in Ethernet, or through a new option to transfer files wireless my ā€“ WFT-E9 ā€“ which is compatible with style Canon cameras EOS C500 Mark II which was launched recently.

In addition, the possibility of preparing young people to participate is fast and simple, so that it enhances the model EOS-1D X Mark III the speed of completion of the work significantly.

Users include the current series of EOS-1D comfort when using a model EOS-1D X Mark III, thanks to the possibility of the smooth operation of the camera with easy reliable, in addition to the body camera made of magnesium alloy and provides the reliability expected from models of Canon cameras EOS-1.

And professional photographers also get quality the same design of the canon, so that the model EOS-1D X Mark II is the design resistant to weather conditions allows the camera to the probability of the most extreme conditions including wind, rain, and humidity.

The buttons are illuminated for the EOS-1D X Mark III operating flour in dark lighting and low, the camera also provides also additional control to select AF points, which can be selected by the button AF-ON, which allows photographers to change AF points quickly.

It also enables improved battery life pro to capture images and record videos for longer periods without having to change the batteries, which reduces the chance of losing any footage.

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