Canon put full frame camera and a selection of lenses under the new revolutionary regime of the EOS R

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Today announced that Canon, a leading imaging solutions, announced the expansion of its range of full-frame cameras by the launch of the imaging system the revolutionary new EOS R is the first camera need lens RF’s innovative new.


This camera comes with faster autofocus in the world[i], it is also the first camera in the world able to adjust focus in low-light conditions by exposing the photoconductor capacity -6EV[ii] and the report is completely silent, allowing professional results stunning every time. The composition of the lens of the RF to the new innovative on the rich heritage and enjoy the high technologies industry lenses in the canon, allows photographic accessories for photographers, filmmakers, creative options and Privacy wider than before.


System is built photography the new EOS R comprehensively to allow an unprecedented level of creativity and images of the richest and most accurate details. Is considered camera EOS R is the first camera to come Need lenses, common on 12 the age of shipping and the distance of cured battery separator of the level of light (Flange) of 20 mm and the lens has a broad diameter of 54 mm. The system allows the innovative engineers by a margin of broader freedom when designing lenses.

The system allows EOS R to obtain high quality images constantly, thanks to the combination of lens and RF high-performance sensor “CMOS” CMOS sensor, 35mm-Tail frame full and nearly 30.3 million effective pixels[iii] tab on the latest image processor the DIGIC 8. It adopts the digital currency, which corrects some of the factors such as lens aberrations, on the strength of the lens RF to send patch data to the camera body, which reduces the impact on the speed of imaging continuing.

Features system EOS R as quickly adjust to focus in the world, when less than 0.05 seconds.[iv], the ability to capture subjects photography quick movement accurately, quickly continuous shooting up to 8 frames per second (when you install the auto-focusing AF) and 5 frames per second with AF tracking, which means the use of a consistent and steady camera new system. The system EOS R new feature of touch and drag Touch and Drag AF, which enables automatic check of between 5,655 status of AF[v], more than any other camera in its class. Improved camera the new system to deal with photography in low light conditions, as the first camera in the world able to adjust focus in low-light conditions by exposing the photoconductor capacity -6EV[vi], thanks to the screen set the electronic platform updated, which is comprised of 3.69 million points, which gives full coverage 100 percent of the scene to be photographed, allowing the designer the ability to share the themes of photography in colors minutes even in the conditions of export semi-opaque.

The system EOS R the advantage of photography is completely mute, making it ideal for the use of designers, journalists, designers and weddings.

Include a camera system EOS R new tool for the production of films of neat, as it allows to capture videos in 4K has the ability to fully control the audio and the screen angle is variable and the ability to strengthen the focus manually, with output capacity of 10 bits through the HDMI, while the characteristic of the Log of the canon filmmakers of shooting videos contrast neutral with up to 12 stop across the dynamic range when the exposure of ISO 400, allowing exactly the color after production to extract every nuance in the details of Shadows elegant.

Can almost customize all the controls found on the body of the new camera, giving its users a new dimension to customize the way the operating. As engineering familiar and EOS camera-body made of magnesium alloy, strong and anti-climatic conditions, the sign on the way to deal easy with him, allow photographers to take pictures for longer periods, thanks to the enhanced grip of ergonomic camera, design is obvious. The camera features EOS R the terms of the multi-function customizable, as the first camera of its kind in the series of EOS cameras from Canon, and can customize the ribbon touch to set the preferred settings like ISO. Taken into account in the design of this camera is the needs of the designers during the development, since it allows operating a permanent feature Bluetooth possible by linking it with a smartphone and use it in the recording data of GPS to the imagery. Can raise the degree of creativity by taking advantage of the possibility to capture images remotely via the application Canon Camera Connect, which allows ample room for flexibility.

They all include the lens of the RF on the advantages of the loop controller customizable designers can use it to adjust the aperture, shutter speed, ISO or exposure, means that there is no need to list the consideration away from the subject of the photo and risking to cut the ropes that focus, as well as engineering design axiom that allows imaging in a natural way and automatic.


The latest optics

Enables the lens holder to the RF design of the visual entirely new, and has enabled the distance they Flange of 20 mm and the lenses and broad diameter of 54 mm, the engineers of the canon of the design of the new lenses that were never possible before. And Canon also four lenses EOS R innovative, having been justice of an essential part in the EOS system, what would expand the possibilities of visual enjoyment in this system. Has managed many of President RF 50mm f/1.2 L USM ultra-fast series lenses 50mm f/1.2 L setting new standards for quality and speed, what makes it the fastest lens in its class, offering exceptional levels of detail, unit, super, and deeper superficial stunning for photography and great performance in low light conditions.


The RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM is zoom lens from the L series and the first lens of the full frame from canon include the feature of Nano USM perfect film-makers when the focus power is necessary to cool the transitions between concentrations focal normal, what gives them control great and a smooth subjects of photography as it moves away from the camera or towards it. And this lens the small size and ease to handle, as the girl Fixed of f/4, makes AF fast and silent, and image stabilization five, ideal for the film industry.


In turn, it allows the lens RF 28-70mm f/2L USM multi purposes, and the hatch quick, new levels of creativity, where she became the first zoom lens frame the full and unzip to a great record in the world, offers a brightness of f/2 on extension of the scope of the approximation. Moreover, a cylinder lens on the mechanism of the shock absorber with excellent resistance to ensure durability and high friction.


Finally, the lens RF 35mm f/1.8 MACRO IS STM lens super speed and ideal for the street and during travel for the purposes of close-up photography, allowing the perspective of the normal wide-angle and focused our soon is a hybrid. And in this lens to integrate all of the focus and aperture operation system IS in one unit.

All the lenses in hand

Allow three was New using more than 70 lenses from the EF and EF-S[vii] with the camera system EOS R innovative, adding new functionality to the cameras existing, maintains excellent levels of performance and functionality that have been seen previously with DSLR cameras for the EOS[viii]. Adds adapter canon suspension ring located on the lens RF to enable users to keep the setting whether using the lens RF or EF and EF-S. adds compatible Canon O-ring located on the lens the RF to enable users to maintain the settings whether to use a lens holder RF or EF or EF-S. The compatible candidate (filter) of the optical possibility of using a set of filters (a polarizing filter projector carousel or ND filter variable). The ND filter changing perfect film-makers and for use with lenses that are difficult to add filters (filters) to it, given the improvement in the level of exposure, while reducing the circular polarizer of the reflections and enhances color saturation, and both are perfect to capture the clips amazing.

Customize each stage of the export

A wide range of accessories innovative available cameras system EOS R new home court for battery and flash. And grip battery BG-E22 using my battery LP-E6N lithium-ion high capacity battery, allows charging external battery through the USB port, allowing extended export times and improved handling of the camera in the vertical position. With regard to the options for creative lighting, the style, the BG-E22 also features with a personal computer allows the use of flash studio wired traditionally with the camera EOS R. and accessories also flash Speedlite EL-100 equal size compact and light weight high energy with a mode for automatic operation can communicate with compatible cameras, in order to get rid of the complexities associated with shoot with the flash. This flash strongly sufficient lighting to illuminate many of the themes of photography, both in the dark places of the interior or outside under the rays of the sun, it expands the possibilities of photography through the bounce flash of walls and ceilings to get the appearance of more smoothness, just as natural.

Application Digital Photo Professional Express

Canon launched the services in Digital Photo Professional Express (DPP Express) for “iPad”[ix], to allow a user to make the most out of the images and expand the flow of images. The application is characterized by the DPP Express to design intuitive and easy to use, which is a programmable high-performance processing RAW images for display and edit is used with EOS cameras the EOS R. The image can be transferred through a Camera Connect can also be edited directly through the app on the iPad, starting from adjusting the white balance characteristics of the fine-tuning of the curve colors, and even adjust the dynamic range.

Can App DPP Express view images using the property PQ see cognitive[x], which is a numerical formula based on standard HDR host the film production and distribution. Can the application of high-quality image processing and displayed dynamic range and broad.

On the other hand, reinforced the canon of its own products for Printing Solution Software new printing Professional Print & Layout, and allows you to print high-quality images, which is processed using the Application Digital Photo Professional, while maintaining their professional qualities and tonality, sharpness and reproduction of colors with high precision. The new solution for the printing job DPRAW, which allows high-resolution printing, and has the ability to address the “information depth map” of the file DPRAW, what allows to reproduce the extent of the details and feel just as wanted by the bank, what prevents the beholder images printed sense, with the spying.

It was included in the print function HDR, which allows the reproduction of suitable illuminations in the picture to show up clearly in print. Can also use the function Exhibition Lighting Optimisation in printed images, to achieve the effect of lighting on the display and the dynamic range expanded when combined with the conditions of bright lighting in art galleries.

I’ve bent canon, based on system EOS R, a set of visualization tools which depend on the requirements of designers, filmmakers of the future, with expanding the boundaries of photography and its possibilities; it allows EOS cameras R-lens RF and new accessories more freedom and creativity in the experiences of filming new and exciting.

In addition, ensure the canon through the lens of innovative EF-M 32mm f/1.4 STM, etc for the EOS M, and the two closest two the Revolutionary EF 400mm f/2.8 L IS III USM and EF 600mm f/4L IS III USM, and they are a lighter lens, my EF 400mm f/2.8 and EF 600mm f/4, that all photographers and filmmakers on the best possible tools to tell their story.

About Canon Middle East

Canon Middle East, a subsidiary of Canon Europe, is the operational headquarters for Canon in the Middle East and North Africa and is based in Dubai, UAE..

Founded January 1937, is mindful of the goal of manufacturing the finest cameras ever, has always had a love of Canon “power of sound” incentive to expand the horizons of their technology to the markets of many other which cemented its place among the world’s leading companies in providing innovative solutions in the sector of photography for consumers and businesses alike. Its solutions comprise products of compact digital cameras and single-lens reflex, through broadcast lenses and X-ray imaging, through to printers multi-task printers of production, which is supported by a range of services that provide additional value.

Invest canon heavily in R & D to deliver the richest and most innovative products and meet the needs of consumers and prospects creative. From amateur photographers to professional print companies, Canon enables each customer to realize their own passion for image. Believes canon that considered the concerns of the community and the environment is an integral part of good business practice, as reflected in the corporate philosophy of Kyosei, which means “to live, and working with the public interest.”

The subject canon put full frame camera and a selection of lenses under the new revolutionary regime of the EOS R appeared on Engadget.

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