Can’t access to this website (5 solutions)

In general the web browser doesn’t explain why the back facing the users just shows the message ” can’t access to this website or This site can’t be reached” probably a week this problem Many any to this problem is divided into multiple parts, you need to read the next episode until you reach the depth of reason and fix it and that’s what I’ll try to explain it to you. ( Read also : download latest and browser)

microsoft site cant be reached - لايمكن الوصول إلى موقع الويب هذا (5 حلول)

What are the reasons that disable open sites and the appearance of the message “can’t access to the website” with the network connected?

The answer is about 4 weeks available, can be the main reason that it looks like this lack of attention to set the correct date and time, secondly, problems in the browser itself and thirdly I’ll adjust the settings with regard to the fourth reason is a glitch in the network or in the router!.

The first reason : date and time

A lot of programs and applications need to be date and time right, especially the browsers that depend on the time basically and that’s why whether you’re watching this lesson through mobile or computer is supposed to correct the date and time in your device!

The second reason : the problem in router or Wi-Fi

Sometimes the router experiences problems, such as road and that’s why it can be a shut down for a period not to exceed 3 minutes, and then re-activate it again! A possible solution is capable of re-opening the sites of the new. (Also read : the problem of non-open websites in Google Chrome for Android)

linksys li E5350 1 - لايمكن الوصول إلى موقع الويب هذا (5 حلول)

The second reason : error in the Google Chrome browser or any web browser other

The best solution for this bug is to get rid of the temporary data in the browser which is likely to be the reason often work this solution in to get rid of a lot of the problems that occur to the browser, that’s why you have the steps to delete browser data and total as it was in previous as follows : Settings > Applications or Application Manager> browser Google Chrome > clear data, when you finish you will notice that the browser back as it was and delete all the temporary data.

Fourth reason : the problem in the settings of the browser

The option of providing the data available in Google Chrome cause some problems such as not opening some sites, so the option to disable this feature may want you of the problems that you might encounter and the way disable be : click on the three points available in the browser to open the Options> Settings> Data Saving>off.

Fifth reason : participation in the Internet “Wi-Fi” at your phone.

And solve it is choose to ignore the network and then re connect that way knows a lot and most people say that normally when there are problems in the internet and if you don’t know how to do that would be through prolonged pressure on the Lugo-Fi> then click on the name of the WiFi network connected> and then ignore> then set the connection and write the code down.

Note : you must make sure the website you are trying to access it! Maybe he was stopped.

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