Can’t participate in the YouTube TV via the Apple Store starting next month

I sent YouTube an email notification to the customer involved in the service YouTube TV they couldn’t Renew Estate Services through Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPad starting from the month of March next.

The company sent e-mail to subscribers in its service across the store, pointing out the changes that will come into force next month, so will users able to watch YouTube content TV through their devices current, but they need to use another method to freeze the estate outside the store, the alternative best suited is the official website of the service.

There is no information about the reason for termination of the YouTube subscriptions you TV through the App Store on iPhone and iPad, but is expected to be the reason is the large commission that you say Apple is better, which prompted the other companies copy off subscriptions via the App Store, where you take the Apple 30% of the subscription price paid by each joint,

Source: MacRumors

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