Capitalization of cryptocurrencies gain 5 thousand percent. When?

At sunset of the first decade of Bitcoin a look back and fantasize about what will bring the next ten years. CEO global financial consultancy firm deVere Group claims that the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies until 2028 can earn 5 thousand percent. Nigel green also noted that the dominance of Bitcoin will gradually weaken. Outline the trends he was helped by data International Investment.

Competition will weaken Bitcoin

Bitcoin has provoked scriptorially. It forever changed how the world does transactions, conducts business and manages the assets. It all started with Bitcoin.

However, as the mass distribution of the cryptocurrency will appear more and more digital assets. Start the new coins will be as private organizations and the state. In addition, Bitcoin could lose significant market share after the emergence of more advanced technologies. New protocols will be able to provide not only better efficiency, but also safety.

Unprecedented means of savings

Reflections of green on the loss of a large part of the market is not meaningless. However, one can argue that at least one new project will offer us is what gives Bitcoin. Its characteristics as a store of value is almost unprecedented. It is difficult to imagine even in the medium term that there will be a project that investors will begin to use for long-term storage of billions of dollars.

To date, no other asset is not able to offer the same level of security, decentralization and a stable monetary policy, as Bitcoin does. This means that the coin remains the main candidate for the role of the Foundation of the new global digital economy. And there ‘s a million dollars per BTC in the neighborhood.

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