Captainvalor Ian Balin announced the theft of $ 2 million. He was suspected of tax evasion

Last year fraudsters stole 1.2 thousand dollars in bitcoin from the wallet of Jason Hall, the Australian trader for five years. A man accidentally went to a fake site and entered your account. Known capturadora YouTube and blogger Ian balina fraudsters stole $ 2 million in bitcoins. The theft occurred right during the live broadcast, which was led by a blogger who writes CCN.

Theft or Scam

The incident occurred on the evening of April 16. Balin suddenly interrupted the live broadcast, during which conducted a review of recent ICO said that it would return later. An hour later, in his Twitter he wrote that the unknown stole his wallet with $ 2 million in bitcoin.

Balin asked our users to tell him if the scammers will try to sell his coins. He added that he is guilty of the burglary because the stored private and public keys to access your digital assets in the program cloud storage Evernote.

I learned my lesson, and don’t expect the money back to me. But I want to catch the hacker who committed a theft. If you have some information about the scammer, send me an email

He later wrote that the stolen coins can be sold on the stock exchange KuCoin, but a minute later deleted the tweet.

The actions of the blogger seem strange to the users of Reddit — they are accused of falsifying Balin hacking with the purpose of tax evasion. A user with the nickname Hidden_Troll recalled that on April 17 — tax day in the Service of internal incomes of the USA (IRS), under which, among other hits and cryptocurrency.

Balin did not answer the request CCN. In his account Reddit blogger published the anticipated wallets of the hackers, which could be withdrawn the stolen coins.

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