Captainvalor lost 2000 client bitcoins and committed suicide. But there is another version

5 Jun 42-year-old CEO and co-founder of BTE.TOP Hui Yi committed suicide. According to information from the Internet, he was suspected of embezzlement of client 2000 BTC or 14.5 million dollars in the failed short position on Bitcoin with a 100-fold leverage.

The danger of marginally

In this case, the short position was the most risky. If the market price of Bitcoin rises by at least 1 percent, the balance of the trader is fully depleted. On the morning of 31 may, the Hui is still actively involved in the group in WeChat and predicted a large drop in the exchange rate. According to his statements, the cost of the futures on Bitcoin were to fall to an intraday low at $ 7,000. If you believe the rumors about suicide, then his predictions unlikely to come true.

Source: news.8btc

According to available information, Hui Yi was an experienced entrepreneur and had previously worked at the research centre IBM China as senior researcher. Later in the period 2003-2008 he was a senior product Manager at Microsoft. Over the past few years it has earned the reputation of futures capturadora with a large number of followers. He managed several times to successfully predict market trends.

Loud CryptoStream BTE.Top was China’s first blockchain-a project that received investments from venture capital giant Softbank China Venture Capital (SBCVC). While 8BTC later, the journalists managed to find out from representatives of SBCVC, the Foundation ceased to Fund BTE.Top at the end of 2018.

Sudden death Hui shocked cryptologist in the country and brought serious losses to investors. Many wonder why such a professional and experienced trader acted so recklessly and attracted leverage of 1:100? There are those who suspect a staged death. At least such suspicions arise because a relatively small amount. According to enthusiasts, the experienced trader over the years gained much more than lost in the framework of this transaction.

It should be noted, at the time of publication, the family Hui has not made any official statements. In our cryptodata of hontarov there are still a lot of other information.

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