Captainvalor to expect continuation of growth of Bitcoin. What do they say in Russia?

The first half of 2019 has become a shining example of how quickly things can change the situation on the market. Just a few months sentiment has changed from despair to a strong confidence in the future Bollene. This contributed to the rapid growth of Bitcoin: the cryptocurrency has only recently managed to set a new annual high.

Background-diluted many bullish forecasts from well-known analysts and experienced investors. Recall that in early April, the co-founder of Fundstrat Tom Lee announced the official start of a global uptrend. From his point of view and agree trader Peter Brandt, who, with remarkable accuracy predicted the bottom line of the local Bitcoin.

Will Bitcoin grow in the future?

On the chart cryptocurrency is seen as active buyers were able to withstand the bears at the level of $ 4,300. In April they had the strength to in a very short period of time to break line 6000 and 7000 dollars. A little later, Bitcoin was able to gain a foothold above 8000 and is now trading at the level of 8700 dollars.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The results of the survey on the website of the trader Josh Rager, nearly two-thirds of captainvalor hope for the continuation of the rally BTC. Just an opinion expressed by 3038 people.

33 percent of respondents predict a sharp decline in Bitcoin up to 6400 dollars. However, even this drain will be perceived by the bulls as a “call to action” — most players simply take advantage of decrease prices in order to open a long position.

Forecast of Bitcoin from the industry representatives in Russia

We will remind, in Russia for Bitcoin is still treated with caution. At least that is the conclusion you can come after a detailed study of the results of the poll. There are other opinions on this.

Mikhail Korolev, the founder of

From positive lately except that it was a conference Consensus. The event was so successful that the General euphoria and bullish trend could not break the news about the elimination of Cryptopia and theft of bitcoins from 7074 users Binance.

Bitcoin has increased quite a bit, and without called negative events would have increased even more. By the way, the space for growth there. Waiting for good news on the type of the return Bitcoin futures on CBOE. Get not Here, but at least 10 thousand dollars.

Source: 2Биткоина

And a second opinion.

Party chat 2Биткоина under the name of Seller.

The scenario of growth of Bitcoin up to 9,600 dollars with the superheated growth of the market in April is possible, but it likely will not. My version: no wave to the specified level, flat duration week and the correction to 7300-7900 dollars. It is time to recharge the weapon traders too long to grow.

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