Capture unforgettable moments to life in a cinematic with Osmo Mobile 3

The company announced the DJI, the leading company in the field of technology, cameras creative, today announced the latest addition to the series (Osmo) famous, by asking their device (Osmo Mobile 3), a device to install the mobile phone foldable.

Creates the (Osmo Mobile 3) years from the manufacturing innovation the installation of devices dedicated to aerial and ground, and turn the latest technology DJI-Pilot.

Describes the device that is most convenient for travel until now, it is an ideal companion, light weight for all adventures.

Users can capture video clips to the ultra-reliability and high-quality content using the intelligent features programmed in the latest version of the application (DJI Mime).

Said Paul Pan, the product manager in the company DJI: when we started the design (Osmo Mobile 3), we went back to the drawing board with the aim of creating a forum earlier era and the latest techniques to DJI.

He added, “excited to offer such a wonderful tool for installation uniquely designed and we hope to inspire our clients to new ways to record content using their mobile phones”.

Device helps (Osmo Mobile 3) users capture high quality photos and videos thanks to it’s folding design, which makes it extremely portable and easy.

Also, the new device is extremely small, which hinders the formulation of the concept (Osmo Mobile) design a completely new, in addition to the lock mechanisms to ensure transport without effort during development.

It is through the ability to install mobile phone quickly as well as uninstall it, in addition to a battery that lasts 15 hours, and is sure that users will never win. more moments of life memorable without registration.

It is not a device (Osmo Mobile 3) an arm capable of folding only, but features a new design makes the operation very effective, as it includes elements control the vital can be controlled with one hand only.

Users can – thanks to the buttons comfortable seat – easily control the movement of the device installation and access to the useful features easily.

The button to rapid deterioration (Quick Roll) to rotate the direction of the vertical to horizontal position by pressing the mode button (Mode) twice without having to remove the mobile device.

As that the device is designed not to hinder the process of delivery ports shipping and fishing, allowing easy connection to charge the device or use external mics.

Helps trigger to maneuver through the lock direction, and rotate the arm to pick up selfies, as well as re-delivery when tracking a subject.

Users can – using the active route (ActiveTrack) – click on the operator once, start (Osmo Mobile 3) traceability while maintaining the focus of the subject within the frame.

You can zoom in and out using the slider to zoom in/out ad hoc on the side of the device installation without having to touch the screen of the mobile device, making capturing content more easily.

And offer users the option of customizing the speed of zoom in/out based on personal preference.

Is used (Osmo Mobile 3) Apply (DJI Mimo), and provides the conditions programmed in advance, so that you can connect the device using a (Bluetooth 5.0) to take advantage of the following features:

  • Story mode: disable the creative on the video through the set of a music preset, and filters, and you can choose one of 10 templates to the app to deal with the movement of the camera on your behalf, as the app automatically – after photography – a short video clip rate professionally, and be ready to participate.
  • Control gestures: the image of the selfie easily without pressing any buttons, as you can – once you enable gesture controls – signal freely V or raise the palm of the hand, you start a (Osmo Mobile 3) countdown timer to take the picture.
  • Sport mode: similar to the open water available in the series (DJI Ronin), the sport mode increases the response speed of the device to keep continuity when shooting fast-moving scenes.
  • Track activity: allow algorithms for image recognition and deep learning of DJI device (Osmo Mobile 3) to identify the topics that you choose and tracking, which makes it perfect to capture family moments easily through one click.
  • Technology Meridian time: if you want to convert the minutes to seconds, the technique of the meridian of time (Timelapse) is perfect to capture unique content with the effect of making the world seems to be moving faster around you.
  • The application HyperLapse: get attractive images of technology Meridian time, add movement to the scene using the application (HyperLapse), which supports image stabilization feature electronically (EIS) at the effective time, to the side of the support (ActiveTrack 3.0).
  • Panorama: get a wide view through the panorama mode – the Home screen, where users can choose between modes Panorama 3×3 and 180 degrees.
  • Slow motion: I make the movement of the world around you slower with slow motion (Slow Motion).

It is supposed to be a (Osmo Mobile 3) available for purchase at leading stores and retail customers of the treaty at the beginning of the beginning of the month of September, with a starting price of 399 AED for the standard version.

While the complete set is priced at 479 AED, which includes case tripod (Osmo Grip Tripod) and the carrying case (Osmo Carrying Case).

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