Capturedinto: unknown raiding offices OKCoin in Beijing

Representatives OKCoin reported that dozens of unknown people forced their way into the company’s offices in Beijing. Angry people attacking the office, threatening staff and lowered them to the stairs. In comments on the incident, representatives OKCoin suggested that a man named Zhang Mouqing paid thugs for staging this protest. Yet it is not informed about serious injuries.

October 23, about 14 hours, more than a dozen unidentified people forced their way into the office OKCoin in Beijing, damaging elevators and doors. They have a lot of threats to our employees and smashing office equipment. We have already informed the police and now her staff interviewing staff and gathering evidence. We work closely with the police and intend in the near future to get all the information on this strange case. For us, personal safety of staff is more important than jobs and offices.

Pogroms may be associated with OKEx

According to Trustnodes, October 11, OKCoin already reported about the unknown people at the door of the offices of the company. They refused to identify themselves and could not prove that they are the customers OKCoin. OKCoin in the past was considered one of the largest kryptomere in China, but was closed by the authorities. The company continues to work in the legal field.

The crowd gathered at the office of OKCoin. Source: Trustnodes

Serious popularity is gaining international branch of the company OKEx. OKCoin representatives claim that these “human rights on the knees” to complain about it to the exchange OKEx. It is very suspicious happened company.

Recall that in September the offended depositors have already tried to put the founder of the exchange OKEx Old Coj. And in the spring one of the traders had threatened to kill herself right in the office. A little more than a year ago OKEx hacked and cryptocurrency stolen 3 million dollars. More data look at cryptodata.

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