Car is Uber self-driving back on public roads, but with the manual mode


The company has suspended Uber car its self-driving, fully not caused one of its cars self-driving in a fatal accident earlier this year in the US state of Arizona. The police stopped me from choosing the car of Volvo XC90 self-driving after the incident. The company announced the Uber of the day they will give these cars to the public roads in the city of Pittsburgh, but it will not work independently. Will be driving this car only in manual mode.

Manual mode means that there will be driver safety and human talking in the car at all times. Had Uber in previous drivers Safety behind the wheel when the cars drive by themselves, similar to all other companies that choose to self-driving cars. Will be driving a car of Uber self-driving now full by drivers a human, at least in the beginning.

There will be a ” specialist task ” W in the passenger seat which will provide high-profile events. Include new safety standards for made by Uber after the incident control system to the driver in real time to ensure that the driver behind the wheel upright at all times. If you feel the system that the driver is irregular it will give alarm sound to notice a driver.

It will also be an alert device, remote monitoring, who will take appropriate action once you assess the situation. Will collision avoidance system Internal active even during manual driving. Will only be driving the car manually, but will continue to be advanced sensors, radar and LiDAR in operation so you can Uber update maps HD own in the city of Pittsburgh.


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