Carbon dioxide has now reached its highest level since the emergence of human


Can’t deny the fact that the planet is facing an emergency situation appropriate. The situation is bad, based on which note, you won’t be moving any time soon. There is more bad news, it has showed the latest readings conducted in the Observatory of Mauna Loa in Hawaii that carbon dioxide levels on Earth reached 415 ppm. Thus, this means that carbon dioxide has now reached its highest level since touching the feet of the Humans of this planet.

As explained to the mission, this is the first time in human history in which the atmosphere of the planet on more than 415 parts per million of carbon dioxide. This number is higher than any number recorded since millions of years, exactly since to put human feet on this planet.

Reached carbon dioxide levels for the last time this class since about three million years ago. To put that in context, at that time, the average temperature at the North Pole 60F. The North Pole was at that time contains the trees, and was not renewed as it is now, while the thought that the sea level was rising 82 feet at least.

It is disquieting to note that the levels of carbon dioxide not only at their highest levels in recorded history, but it is also still rising rapidly despite the Paris Agreement for which was signed with the clear goal of reducing emissions of carbon dioxide in the air.

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