Card money two of the bitcoin: in Nizhny Tagil found the casinos under the guise of mining-centre

Two days ago, law enforcement officers from Nizhny Tagil was able to identify and stop activities of gambling institution. The owners of the illegal business were covered the inside of the building was allegedly arranged a mining centre for mining cryptocurrency. Note that mining is also not yet recognized as a legal form of entrepreneurial activity in Russia.

Gambling and mining

In the inspection of the institution was attended by representatives of the local police and the staff of the office economic security and combating corruption GU MVD of Russia in Sverdlovsk region. Among the security forces, the case received much publicity, now it is overseen by Colonel Vyacheslav Sidikov, Deputy head of MU MIA “Nizhny Tagil”.

The owners of fake mining centre said that the room is technical support for cloud mining of cryptocurrencies. However, during the search of the ground floor of the house on street Youth investigators found the machines for gambling.

Source: Incident Nizhny Tagil

Source: Incident Nizhny Tagil

The games themselves were just a cover, which organizers referred to as “visualization of mining”. According to the police, “visualization” has nothing to do with the crypt, but the process itself is a copy of the classic slot machines.

Source: Incident Nizhny Tagil

The institution began work on 23 may, almost a month, the attackers gathered quite an impressive database of clients and earn a large sum of money.

The activities of the virtual mining centre was controlled by Hagolan. One of the representatives of the local resident Cyril quickly arrived at the place to be searched after the police arrived. According to preliminary data, he was involved in illegal business, gambling games and other similar activities.

Source: Info-Vsem

During the search, law enforcers found and seized 20 units of electronic equipment that will be sent for examination. The police also questioned staff of the institution and its visitors. Most likely, against the organizers will be prosecuted according to article 171.2. The criminal code (“Illegal organization and conduct of gambling”).


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