Cars Tesla Model S and Model X will get new engines to attract buyers

Financial report of the company Tesla for the first quarter of 2019 showed that the cars started to sell worse. In particular, we are talking about electric cars Model S and Model X, probably, people have started to prefer the version of the Tesla Model 3, especially after the reduction of its cost. Besides, a cheaper model has more advanced equipment than the previous that also affect the interest of buyers. It seems the company is willing to correct the situation by lifting the vehicle the previous models of electric cars to a higher level.

Автомобили Tesla

For many years in cars Tesla Model S and Model X were used induction motors, which, for all its strengths, has its weaknesses. The car Tesla Model 3, the company began to use electric motors with permanent magnets — the choice fell on them due to the fact that they showed the best ratio of efficiency and high performance.

It is expected that from 2019 on cars Tesla Model S and Model X also goes to motors with permanent magnets. At the moment the engines known under the code name “Raven”, but the specifications are kept secret. If the efficiency of their engines was barely more than 93%, with the new equipment, this rate can reach 97%. Also changes can positively affect acceleration, braking and the duration of the trip on a single charge.

Earlier also there was a rumor that in order to attract the attention of buyers to the Tesla cars of yesteryear, the company will improve their interior. In addition, the company will certainly update the software that can increase the charging speed.

Would you buy a Tesla Model X with doors in the style of “the wings of a Falcon”, or would prefer a Tesla Model 3? About your choice please write in the comments under the news, and to discuss Tesla cars read more in our Telegram chat.

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