Cars Tesla will get all the features of self-driving by the end of this year


Avoid company Tesla marketing feature Tesla Autopilot own as a self-drive in its cars, but it seems like that may change in the near future. During his conversation with Cathie Wood and Tasha Keeney of the ARK Invest, stated the CEO of Tesla, Mr. Elon Musk that the company policies, you’ll most likely get all the features of self-driving by the end of this year.

He quoted Mr. Elon Musk as saying : ” I think that we will feature self-driving full this year. In the sense that the car will be able to find it in the parking lot, restec to your destination without your intervention, this year. I would like to say that I’m sure of it. This is not a question mark.“.

However, he warned that this does not mean that it will be safe riding in a car while you’re asleep. Instead, he believes that will not be access to this level of autonomy until the year 2020 that was announced by saying : ” My guess is that it would not be safe to take a nap and wake up when you reach your destination until the end of next year most likely. This is the time who believe that it would be safe for the passengers to do so. “

Given that it is not the marketing of self-driving cars after it might be Tesla Autopilot is to put self-driving closest we can get now. Many companies, not only companies specialized in the automotive industry, also working on the technology of self-driving, although we believe it is likely to wait for a while before to be able to buy a self-driving car completely to ourselves.


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