Case DJI Ronin SC new from the company DJI provides easy portability for users


The company DJI this week the launch of a new holder for cameras without mirrors. This case, which carries the name of the DJI Ronin SC the easy to use, as this is lighter by 41 percent compared with the previous case the DJI Ronin S. This is the new governor of the handle one to three axes with the knowledge that it weighs 2.4 pounds only, so it will be easy to carry with you to meetings, filming and documenting special moments.

Managed company DJI make the case the DJI Ronin SC lighter by 41 percent compared with DJI Ronin S because the company used a combination of magnesium and aluminum and plastic composite to create a holder lightweight and easy to use and can be easily removed to fit inside the bag.

I decided a DJI simply took the powerful technology of current need and include them inside the design smaller and lighter. On this subject, said Product Manager of the first in the company of DJI, and Mr. Paul Pan by saying : ” users can now connect their cameras without a mirror with the tool for installation easy to carry and easy to install, easy to use, and still with features of the technology of high performance “.

However, there are still some limitations. While you can to deal DJI Ronin S previous load-carrying capacity 8 lbs with the battery life reaches 12 hours, the CAN bus DJI Ronin SC of carrying up to 4.4 pounds with a battery life of up to 11 hours. There are some new features to the level design, which include the possibility of improving balance and locking system of the site. As it is providing a new via an app which weren’t available for the DJI Ronin S current.

Company DJI is now selling cases DJI Ronin SC via its official website on the internet and through a variety of retail stores. In the case if you are wondering about the price, it starts from 439 USD.


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