Casinos back in winnings: the fall of Bitcoin would not reduce the profitability of mining

Bear market affects not only captainvalor, but also to the miners. Many experts believe current price levels the final stage of correction of Bitcoin as if it will fall even lower, then its production will supposedly be unprofitable.

However, the drain rate of the main cryptocurrency hasn’t scared off major miners. On the contrary, for 2018, they increased their power several times. The benefit of mining Bitcoin at the current value considered in the Platform.

Whether mine Bitcoin

Many years have passed since then, when Bitcoin mining was considered a rare hobby enthusiasts. Now this business is involved major companies whose capitalization amounts to billions of dollars. The fall of the stock market has forced them to seek new sources of electricity and low fares to all parts of the world.

CEO of Genesis Mining, Marco Streng believes that the big players like Bitmain and Bitfury will continue to invest in the development of new chips for mining. These companies will also conclude lucrative deals with electronics manufacturers Nvidia and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing.

Major miners are still expanding around the world. The rate of growth compensates the negative impact from falling prices of cryptocurrencies.

Earlier, analysts Fundstrat Global Advisors, said that $ 8,000 — the level below which mining Bitcoins becomes unprofitable. According to experts CoinShares the stamp lies somewhat lower and amounts to 6400 dollars.

Exchange CEO David Blockbid Supper believes that the increase Hasrat play Bitcoins on hand in the long run.

Increase Hasrat indicates that people are willing to stay in this industry for a long time. They agree to accumulate cryptocurrency even with small losses for the sake of future profits.

While asik is constantly improving, so their efficiency increases and energy consumption decreases. Bitmain and Canaan Creative is not going anywhere, giants of mining are already working on the IPO. It’s possible that Bitcoin will still be traded below the level of profitability for many miners.

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