Casio announces its smart Pro Trek WSD-F30 system Wear OS

During the past several years, the company was the manufacture of watches of the famous Casio Casio of the leading players in the market of smart watches operating system Wear OS with a focus on users who prefer to hours strong and the process conditions are aerobic exercise external.

And now at the IFA exhibition 2018 capital, Berlin, announced the Japanese company announced the second generation of its watches Smart with a focus on reduce the size and add more functions to the layer LCD mono color.

It should be noted that Casio was one of the first companies that made the hours Wear OS with Dual Screen energy look between energy colorful energy mono color according to use, which keeps this feature with hours Pro Trek WSD-F30 new.

With regard to the specifications of the new arena, and they come with three metal buttons to the first mapping and the second energy and the third for tools. It is resistant to water and dust under the depth of 50 meters, also resist the low temperature even 10 degrees below zero.

And Pro Trek WSD-F30 OLED screen colorful touch-circular shape measuring 1.2 inches and accurately 390×390 pixels, and conform to the Global Positioning System GPS, and it comes with the expense of pressure, acceleration, and compass.

The former, which comes with a thickness of 14.9 millimeters, weighs 83 grams, the battery is enough to work for a day and a half of moderate use.

Intends to Casio asking hours Pro Trek WSD-F30 New at a price of 549$, to start selling by late the month of January 2019. It will be available in black, blue and orange.

What do you think of the specifications and the price of the new smart watch from Casio is? Let me know in the comments.

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