Casio unveils her watch smart WSD-F20A system Wear OS

Casio announces a new version at a cost of less than an hour smart Pro Trek WSD-F20A dedicated for people who love foreign trips.

Earlier in March, the company Google renames their version of the wearable system by operating the Android platform, so that it has become a women allow Wear OS instead of Android Wear, Google seems to want to avoid the use of the classification of Android products is not limited to use on only Android devices, similar to Google Pay, which was recently replaced replace Android Pay, as can the use hours Android Wear smart devices with iPhones.

Has always been Casio Casio use the platform Android wear Android Wear, which is now called Wear OS, and now, the reveal watch company Japan for a new version of its smart WSD-F20A operating system Wear OS, which belong to the category of Pro Trek, combining a large number of features of this category of unique cost price less.

Speaking about the new arena they come with the same durable design and frame flat used in the rest of the smart watches in this category along with familiar features like the interaction with the notifications and use a variety of applications and revitalize the assistant Google, although it’s a bit cheaper than the organs of Casio’s other wearable, but they are still expensive in general, so up the price to $ 400.

You can use the Global Positioning System GPS, and maps in non-contact, water resistance to a depth of 50 meters, and GPS is a low power, in addition to include a small number of the main sensor to enjoy the outdoors, including a digital compass and altimeter and Barometer.

It is assumed that the launches Casio this watch, which contains a collection of applications oriented towards the outside of the home such as ViewRanger and Hole19 and Fishbrain on the first of the month of May at a price of 400$, so they target a specific group of people who love overseas trips and do not mind paying more for certain features.


Source: Casio unveils her watch smart WSD-F20A system Wear OS

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