Caution: in Google Play infiltrated a series of fake cryptocell

Despite the growing level of security of Google Play, which did not fail to declare the search giant, he still continues to suffer from the invasion of malicious applications. This learned expert in the field of information security antivirus ESET Lucas Stefanko. According to him, this time to the official catalog infiltrated a whole series of fake wallets to store cryptocurrency posing as legitimate services.

As noted in the report Stefanko, the creators of malicious software aimed at theft of personal data and the savings of their victims, operated in two ways. In the first case, the application, bearing the name MetaMask not mimic legitimate, and acted according to the classic phishing scheme. It is just collecting user data, including private keys, authorization to access their cryptocurrency wallets, and then cleaned them.

Fake cryptocurrency wallets

In the second case applications acted on behalf of well-known services to interact with tokens NEO and Tether. However, unlike MetaMask, they did not collect data of their victims, and provide those as the newly generated address to transfer digital cash addresses of the attackers, saving the last for private key access. Many users, unaware of the forgery, transferred their funds without the ability to pay them back.

According to Stefanko, it can be created even by people who do not have the necessary coding skills. As a rule, they refer to the popular development environment Drag-n-Drop, which allows you to build applications similar to those found by the expert, as a designer. It is not excluded, says Stefanko that in the future the number of fake purses will only grow.

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