Caution: In the App Store appeared fake FaceApp application

It is considered that the App Store is a more secure app store than Google Play. As such it does its own quality control Department, which consists not only of software algorithms, but living people analyzing posted in the catalogue. However, as practice shows, even their supervision is sometimes not enough to keep track of all attempts by scammers to trick users on their laurels popular applications.

Researchers at antivirus company ESET reported the emergence in the App Store fake apps FaceApp. Most often, the clones pretend to be the advanced version of the original photo editor with lots of new filters. Needless to say that with the original FaceApp fakes have in common only the name.

How to distinguish a fake app for iOS

At initial launch on the user’s device, some applications will display numerous pop-UPS, which include design tools subscriptions to various services. Others, in turn simply lead to the Mediafire file hosting service, where under the guise of the new filters, disabled by default, conceals another malicious program.

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To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, it is recommended to pay attention to the following factors. First of all check the name of the developer. The Creator of the original FaceApp is the Studio FaceApp Inc. In addition, the present application to the date of publication of the order of 185 thousand marks – this indicates the great number of downloads, which the fakes simply no. Well, of course, read reviews. Screw them in the App Store is really difficult, and they can tell you whether the app is original or not.

How to cancel iOS

If you still fell for a Scam, or think it could happen, and subscribing to unnecessary services, it is always possible to cancel:

  • To do this, run App Store and go to Updates;
  • Open your profile’s settings and navigate to Manage subscriptions;
  • Find the ones that you will not be issued, and disable them;
  • If necessary, the return of wrongly charged money contact support on +7-800-555-67-34.

It does not happen

In fact, it is very difficult to believe that censors the App Store just noticed a few fake apps that mimic FaceApp. In this regard, we can only guess: whether Apple simply take bribes, and by agreement passed to the app store outright forgeries, or the competence of employees is extremely low. And the right to fake mimic an unknown program, but in this case we are talking about a cult title, which does not say just lazy.

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