Caviar Samsung Note 9 Fine Gold — real gold smartphone. And it’s not about the color

I am always amused by the various exclusive versions of smartphones, the design which used a lot of precious metals or stones. Very interesting to look at the person who will actually use such a device.

And if usually in such cases, talking about gilding or coating other metals, but today, Caviar has unveiled a version of Samsung Note 9 Fine Gold that has been coated with a kilogram of gold! This is not a joke, they just went and “filled in” smartphone kilogram of gold of 999 tests. Some kind of ornate design or decoration? Sure! The company decided that the right thing to make the phone look like a bar of gold.

We did not complicate the design of this jewelry and had based the look of the gold bullion — simple, luxurious, expensive, a glance to remember him forever

Now really, who would use such a smartphone? Not only that, he now weighs more than 1 kg, and gold — not the solid metal. It seems to me that these products exist only for one thing — to be gifts. Gifts that demonstrate the financial ability of the giver. But to use them then no one will. Or maybe you’ve seen people with similar smartphones?

By the way, for the novelty of asking for about 57 760 dollars.

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