CB allows the use of crypto-currencies as means of payment in territory of the Russian Federation

On Wednesday, Deputy Minister of Finance commented on the topic of cryptocurrencies. According to Alexei Moiseyev, further coins can allow the market as a currency for exchange into rubles. Now the situation expressed by the representatives of the main Bank of the country.

Bitcoin in Russia. Means of payment or not?

According to the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova, yet the Bank still coin with conservatism. In this position may be reviewed in the future. Words Skorobogatova with the St. Petersburg international economic forum, leads TASS.

The issue of cryptocurrencies as payment and settlement tool, we do not consider that the risks still large. But this does not mean that after some time, when we understand that the technology and business cases based on it has proven its applicability, we will return to this issue and will not make changes to any part.

Earlier, the Central Bank spoke clearly against the cryptocurrency. As claimed by representatives of companies, coins “unsecured and not guaranteed by any government”.

In addition Skorobogatova shared information on cooperation with the Ministry of economic development. The Bank of Russia allows the translation of the public procurement system to a new platform “Mastercam” that runs on the blockchain.

We are currently negotiating with the Ministry of economic development on the pilot project on the basis of “Mastercam” for the system of public procurement. We think that in this pilot project we will also ask you to participate in the Ministry of Finance, so we can actually trace the entire chain, and optionally chose some adjustments in the process to make it work on new technologies. We assume that in the second half of this project with colleagues from the Ministry of economic development and the Ministry of Finance will hold.

While the Chairman allows for partially transparent or fully enclosed procurement.

It depends on what the requirements of the economic development Ministry put up to the system. Perhaps some of the information can be given on request, but generally it is assumed that the participants in the process see rights and obligations to each other and see the calculations.

What will the views of the parties — we learn soon. I hope for fair regulation and more freedom for the owners of the coins.

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