Cellebrite has created a device to hack any iPhone

A year ago, we talked about this the software and hardware complex as GrayKey. This device allowed you to hack any iPhone using a quick selection of passwords. It could take several days, but the result was always. 11.4.1 in iOS Apple introduced new protection mechanisms, making the hacking device ineffective. And it would seem that the history of selection of passwords of iPhone and iPad need to be completed. But no.

A new tool for hacking

Cellebrite announced the completion of developing a new tool to hack any iPhone and iPad. The device is called UFED. According to representatives of the company, the tool is able to “open” any iOS device, including the gadgets running on the actual iOS 12.3. As noted by Cellebrite, the same statement applies to all Android smartphones.

The creators of the tool holding methods used in secret. We only know that after carrying out the procedure of hacking, professionals can access all messages, contacts, call history and other data stored on the device.

Device for intelligence

It is assumed that Cellebrite will sell their device for hacking law enforcement agencies. The development of the company’s experts is capable of much, and it is obvious that the security services will be interested in purchasing such a tool. The only question is cost.

At the moment Apple has not commented on the situation with the hacking of the iPhone and iPad. It is possible that the company is already working on new protection mechanisms, which will be implemented in future versions of the mobile operating system.

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