Centauro: robot-centaur to save people

When building robots, scientists and engineers are often inspired by nature. But robots based on mythical creatures meet not so often. And a new creation Centauro, name and appearance takes us back to the creatures Greek mythology, was not created for fun, and to save human lives.

As reported by Engadget, the development of the robot are experts from the Italian Institute of technology and the University of Bonn. Centauro was based on an earlier robot prototype Momaro. The height of robotstar reaches 1.5 meters, and weighs 93 kilograms. The frame of the robot is made of light metal alloys, and the body covered with plastic, printed on a 3D printer.

For the movement of the Centauro uses 4 feet. At the end of each leg wheel. The robot can ride on these wheels, and walk on 4 legs, climbing on the obstacles. In addition to the torso of the robot has 2 arms that can be connected manipulators of various types, depending on the situation. The robot is equipped with lidar, a camera for orientation in space and a Microsoft Kinect camera to estimate depth. Battery charge is enough for 2.5 hours of continuous operation.

This version of the robot is not fully Autonomous. Centauro is remotely controlled by the operator, however, in the case of a connection failure, the robot will be able to continue working sostoyatelnoy. To control the robot operator will use the exoskeleton with the pedals and hand manipulators. The latter will enable to control the robot arm and the pedal will need to move. In addition to display information the operator will have to putting your head in a VR helmet.

As the developers say, Centauro can easily overcome obstacles thanks to the legs with 6 degrees of freedom, as well as lift heavy objects that are ideal for search and rescue operations. To see the robot in the you can the video, available below.

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