CEO Digitex Futures: we will defeat BitMEX only when Arthur would die of laughter

They say the volatility of Bitcoin through the roof. Have you looked at the graphics altcoins? There is happening a real massacre! A single token may fly or fall by 75 percent in just one hour. And this is a real example — yesterday there was a serious trouble with Digitex Futures, the coin had lost much of its value in an instant. What was the cause of the accident?

Great Dump

Compared to the rest setkeyname, Digitex Futures has a pretty big group of supporters — Telegram-channel project has more than 70 thousand users. All because of the hype, caught up with the Creator of the coin Adam Todd.

Earlier, Todd had promised to your subscribers to announce an update that will be the “killer BitMEX”. Presumably, the CEO wanted to roll out a private exchange platform with supposedly huge potential. The date of the announcement appointed April 30.

Yesterday everything was going well, until suddenly the event is not postponed indefinitely. Almost immediately, Todd posted a video with the explanation. It turns out, the team Spotware hired Digitex Futures, completely failed the task of creating a new product. Instead of a sane platform, they demonstrated a “piece of shit”, which does not go to any comparison with BitMEX.

What they have shown — not a stock exchange Digitex Futures. It’s not a killer BitMEX. It can be a killer, if Arthur [BitMEX CEO] will simply die with laughter.

A few minutes later the coin rolled rapidly down. Recall, this is not the first time DGTX “storm”. A few months ago there was a similar dump when the project team has not coped with the deadline of the completion of beta testing.

By the way, in addition to the Haight in the direction of Todd’s, some members also expressed support.

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