CEO of Apple bombards technical companies other than New due to privacy

Tim Cook

Warned the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook that Silicon Valley companies need to take responsibility for the ” mess ” that had wrought in a speech Sunday at Stanford University.

Although Tim Cook did not mention the companies by name, he referred to his speech in the beginning to hack into user data, the abuses of privacy in the backyard of Silicon Valley, and even that he referred to Theranos, a company emerging disgraceful accused of violating data privacy of users.

On this subject, Mr. Tim Cook by saying : ” lately, it seems that the industry is becoming more and more famous invention at least dart through the belief that you can claim the warranty without the acceptance of responsibility“, added : ” We see it every day now with every data breach, every breach of privacy, every blind eye resort to hate speech, news fake and poisoned the talks, national, and misconceptions in exchange for a single drop of your blood “. He continued : ” from the sex some thing that any person that says this, but if you built a factory for the sick, you won’t be able to avoid responsibility for the mess “.

This is the letter the latest from Mr. Tim Cook who discusses his opinions about the security of data while criticized Google and Facebook and other technical due to its handling of users ‘ data and Privacy. And the Apple data security and privacy as fundamental in order to promote their products and services, including the iPhone. Moreover, the company has recently also disclose the feature ” log in using an account with Apple ” which focused on privacy, a feature that it hopes will in suitable features similar from the likes of Google and Facebook.

Tell Mr. Tim Cook the graduates of Stanford University to digital surveillance threatened to innovation and that they ” will continue to Silicon Valley before it starts“, he added : ” If we accept naturally that you can assemble everything in our life and sell it even leaked in the event of a breach, we lose more than data. We’re losing the freedom to be human “.

Touched the remainder of the discourse to other topics, including how to leave your legacy and provide advice to students about how to follow the path of their own.

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