CEO of Apple thinks that we should teach programming to kids at an early age

Tim Cook

Wasn’t the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook shy in expressing his opinion of the need to teach programming to children in schools. In fact, it turns out lately that Mr. Tim Cook thinks that he should be teaching programming at an early age and go to university and study for four years to become good at programming is not necessary.

Mr. Tim Cook made the remarks when he met with Liam Rosenfeld 16-year-old, which is considered one of the grant winners to attend the conference of Apple’s annual developers WWDC 2019 to be held in the next month. During his interview with the website TechCrunch, use Mr. Tim Cook teenager Liam Rosenfeld as an example of how to teach programming to children, building their skills gradually, rather than go to university and study for four years to become skilled at the task.

According to Mr. Tim Cook, has stated by saying : ” I don’t think that getting a degree four years of learning is necessary to be proficient in programming. I think that this traditional point of view is old. What we found out is that if we can the teaching of programming in the initial page, and they faced difficulties during the years of high school by the time they graduate the children like Liam Rosenfeld, they will be able to already of software applications that can be placed in the App Store “.

This does not mean that Tim Cook does not believe that a degree is not necessary, but it indicates that it is likely to lead the teaching of a programming language at an early age to make the learning process more efficient. Trying to Apple to do its part in encouraging children to programming through various initiatives, including the launch of the application to Swift Playgrounds which teach children the basics of programming.

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