CEO of Microsoft is defending the deal to provide the U.S. Army with HoloLens

المدير التنفيذي لمايكروسوفت يدافع عن صفقة تزويد الجيش الأمريكي بنظارات HoloLens

Express read fifty employees at Microsoft were critical of the deal to provide the US Department of defense system of the augmented reality HoloLens in a letter from her department last Friday, demanding its executive director Satya Nadella of undo and cancel the contract with the army.

Where was Microsoft fingernail as supply units of the US Army glasses augmented reality Hololens to design a special end of last year to ensure; the provision of 100 thousand, as amounted to $ 480 million, to come the objection of the employees to the company being railroaded in the field to provide governments with weapons that caused the destruction of the states at the expense of the other.

In a reply from Nadal on the recognition said in an interview with CNN that the company had taken a decision in principle not to withhold technology from the government institutions that have been selected in a democratic manner to protect manifestations of freedom that we now enjoy, taking objection to the staff that since the beginning of the command they are talking of full transparency and will continue with dialogue with their staff in this regard.

Can be expected to continue the company did not started, ignoring the claim of the employees, especially being beat on occasion by the magic of Libya conditions page, as they have faced criticism and similar claims last year about its collaboration with the Department of Immigration and customs but continued to refute the criticism and justification for its work with the government.

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