CEO of Ripple: XRP is less centralized than Bitcoin or Ethereum

CEO Ripple brad Garlinghouse made a very bold statement during a recent session of questions and answers. In the event Garlinghouse revealed the details of the project work with financial regulators, as well as reported new successes xRapid and General decentralization XRP. According to him, Aldon is more decentralized than Bitcoin and the Ethereum.

The future for Ripple

CEO considers any attacks in the direction of “centralization Ripple” is unfounded. He said that only seven belong Ripple validators network of cryptocurrency, that is, their share does not exceed 4 percent of the total number of public validators. The blockchain, XRP is more decentralized than blackany Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The degree of decentralization of Ripple higher than that of Bitcoin or Ethereum. These crypto currencies are controlled by a small number of miners that occupy more than 50 percent Hasrat.

The best way to bring their case to continue working and pay no attention to negative comments.

I think that’s [ignoring FUD] hard, because in the field the crypt is still a lot of negativity. We will continue to do my job. Ripple will always be transparent regarding their strategies for the future.

Recall, since the creation of Ripple pursues constant criticism about centralization of the project. One of the arguments opponents of the coin — a huge amount of XRP in the accounts of the company and a monopoly on control over bloccano.

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Brad Garlinghouse very big ambitions. In mid-November, the CEO of Ripple said that it intends to overtake payment system SWIFT in the foreseeable future. Given the scale of the objectives, the project really will be able to one day reach the price of 589 dollars. This is the forecast in the autumn made an insider under the nickname Bearableguy123.

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