CEO of Sony confirmed that Xperia smartphones are here to stay

Xperia XZ

The CEO of Sony, Mr. Kaz Hirai recently conducted an interview talked in depth about the sections of the company’s various, but we found that his thoughts about the Department of smartphones is the most interesting.

First, the good news is that Xperia Smartphones From Sony are here to stay. However, they may not remain on the body of the phones. It is believed Mr. Kaz Hirai that the future lies in another place, but the lookout and the leadership of this market in the future, the company needs to stay in the field of telecommunications. According to Mr. Kaz Hirai, has stated by saying :

” It’s not about smartphones today, it’s more for beyond smart phones – we are going to do – let us fit in this market, ideally to be driving the market. For this reason strategic, I want to emphasize that we are staying, not in the smartphone market, but in the field of communications “.

Some companies such as Samsung and LG and Apple TV already offer alternative solutions for smart phones like smart watches that support voice calls and 4G LTE, in addition to the broadcast of songs and the possibility of wireless Defense. However, the thirst of the market for large corporations means that only a minority of the users are that create for smart phone for smart watches.

However, Sony stopped manufacturing some more smart watches, detects another smart watch after two years of taking Kaz Hirai as CEO. So no matter how his perception of the future of communication, it probably does not include the wrist. Currently, the company has some future projects, but it is difficult at present to know how to do. Xperia Touch is a great way to interact with Android apps and games, and provides some new functions.

As the President and CEO also to the one of more sections of a success in the Sony, which is the section responsible for the sensor of the camera. As you probably know, it is the use of sensors, cameras manufactured by Sony by many of the leading companies in the industry of cell phones, digital cameras and surveillance equipment, but Sony want a piece of the growing automotive market also.



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