CES 2019: Samsung showed a foldable Galaxy F, but not all

Foldable Galaxy note, which Samsung intends to release for sale this year, still not ready to occurrence in the market because of the number of obstacles to comfortable use. This statement was made by the Korean media that verify the disadvantages of the prototype future unit on technological exhibition CES 2019, passing these days in Las Vegas. How serious this problem is, journalists thematic publications is not reported.

Manual Samsung demonstrated the final prototype of Galaxy F at CES 2019, confirms the existence of at least one problem. According to the Executive Director of the company, it is the formation of creases on the display as a result of repeated flexion, which in turn prevents the removal of the smartphone market. However, promised a top Manager, by the time the machine the engineers will fix all the design flaws.

The main drawback of the foldable smartphone

The generation of creases in the foldable display Galaxy F Samsung is pursuing for quite some time. A year ago AndroidInsider.ru toldthat Koreans showed the prototype to investors, trying to deal with this deficiency, but to no avail. After a few folding at the bend of the matrix manifests itself in a whitish trail, which breaks the perception of the image and causes negative impressions are absolutely ready and innovative product.

However, even if Samsung will promptly remove the drawback, called the Galaxy F the breakthrough of Samsung smartphones will still be impossible. According to rumors, not to increase the already high price of the device, which can reach $ 2000, the manufacturer decided to abandon the implementation of technological solutions like the display, fingerprint scanner, hardware face recognition and support of networks of the fifth generation. The latter feature will be an exclusive function of top Galaxy S10 Plus (Prime).

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