CES 2019: Samsung TVs next will be the assistant of Google, Amazon, Alexa

CES 2019: تلفزيونات سامسونج القادمة ستدعم مساعد قوقل وأمازون أليكسا

Samsung announced that the TV series its by QLED next through 2019 will be a choice of two new aid sound away from the path of their making, where users will be able to activate the Assistant Google Voice Assistant Amazon Alexa on their screens but with the presence of Speaker of the House.

The company says that the TVs will be able to take orders from aid home of Amazon and Google it and then execute the commands based on it; in the sense that the user must connect the TV with your Amazon Echo or Google Home and then issue the command by them will be the screen to its implementation, that is, that aid will not be fully integrated with TVs.

Assistance will be new sound able to be patient, run and turn off the TV, change the station, as well as running applications, but on the other side the Assistant Samsung Bixby will be able to perform the functions of more; the user will be able to for example control your TV through voice commands premium control and others.

But in the end, Samsung has provided users Ways and advantages of different control commensurate with their wishes, it is her wish to use her voice, and can aid a house and from other companies in the house, it will be able to run it as he wants.

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